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Olive Green and Off the Shoulder

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I am a sucker for an off the shoulder top.  This one is no exception.  I love the color, the fit is so flattering, and it is super comfortable to top it off.  Free People is one of my favorite brands, so when I found this top and saw it was $68 I was thrilled.  If you love Free People, then you know that is on the low side for them.  Free People runs very large as well.  I would definitely size down in this top.  Mine is a medium, and it is very oversized.   They just make some of the prettiest pieces.  The fun sleeves are great.  I like a bell sleeve but just can’t commit to one because I feel like they get in the way.  But this top has the cuffed sleeve.  Even though the sleeve is belled, it stays put and doesn’t bother me!  


My jeans are another favorite that continue to make blog appearances.  This Nordstrom brand is another staple.  I love their entire clothing line.  It is all at such a good price point these are $69.  They feel and wear just like any of my designer jeans.  They do run large so I would recommend sizing 2 sizes down.  That’s what I did and they fit perfect.  


As for the shoes, I have to give all the credit to my fabulous husband and photographer, Lane.  We were out for a family dinner the other night and he spotted them at a boutique in gray.  I tried them on and loved them, but they didn’t have my size.  I ordered them from Amazon.  Amazon has everything!  I love this olive green color.  It is such a great fall choice.  They go with so many things I already have in my closet.  


A good bag is usually my go to accessory.  Every girl, especially a mom, needs a good cross body purse.  I am a Tory Burch fan, so naturally she was my top choice when hunting for one.  I bought this one in Orlando at a Tory Burch Outlet!  I didn’t even know that was an option until my good friend filled me in.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately they cannot be shopped online.  You have to go into a location to shop.  There are not very many, but if you are near one during travel time it is a MUST.  Be prepared though, things are discounted, but for me that just meant that I spent way more because I couldn’t control myself!


Have a fabulous weekend!  New blog post Tuesday !

Leopard Print Cardi

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This past week was a doozy!  I had two sick little girls.  That means they were home from school, and the meltdowns were epic.  You know when you don’t feel well, everything is just a travesty.  Well with 5-year-old twin girls that is an understatement!  Basically I am exhausted and feel completely behind on everything.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband, who is a huge help when he is home.  So I was able to get a few pictures in. (He does all my photos). 


I have been doing lots of leopard lately!  When I found this cardigan I had to order it.  It was only $32 I ordered it from a boutique I found on Instagram JessLea.  They have some very cute things.  I ordered a large because I wanted mine to be a little looser and drape.  


Deciding what to wear under the cardigan was a toss up between a cream or black camisole.  I went with a black because I liked it with my shoes.  The camisole I am wearing is one I bought last year through trunk club.  It came from Nordstrom.  I will link a similar one and a cream one as well.  I chose a looser fitting camisole because I just felt more comfortable in it.  This cardigan can be worn either way!


My jeans are my obsession!  If y’all have been following me, you know I love denim.  I especially love good fitting denim.  It helps if it has a great price point too.  This particular pair was a splurge but worth it completely.  It is my first pair of Mother Denim and I love them.  I have worn them so much.  I feel like they definitely run true to size. These are high waisted and button fly.  I still ordered my normal size in them and they fit perfectly.  They do not loose their shape as the day goes on.  I do not wash my jeans after every wear.  It depends on what I did and where I wore them.  Usually after 2 or 3 wears I wash.  I like the feel of a broken in jean and I feel like it extends the life of them.  That could be just me, but it has seemed to work.  


These shoes have made many blog appearances in black and tan.  They are so comfortable and so affordable for such a great shoe.  I wear them a lot.  I haven’t had any trouble with wearing them for long periods of time.  They haven’t hurt my feet at all.  


My purse is Tory Burch fan favorite.  I feel like I see this bag everywhere.  It is the best of both worlds.  You get a crossbody, a clutch, and a shoulder bag.  It is amazing.  This was my very first Tory Burch purse.  I have had it for years and it is still in perfect condition.  I am very carful with my bags.  I always store them either in their bag cover or so the emblem cannot be scratched.  Protect the investment!    


Enjoy your week!  New post on Friday!

Hair Products I love

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Products List and My Stylist Contact info:

Lauren Davis Text her for apt 865-406-0878

Color Proof Products:

Crazy Smooth Anti- Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner 

Clear It Up Detox Shampoo

Super Plump Whipped Bodifying Mousse

Powder Fix Texturizing Powder

Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish

AG Hair Care Firewall

It's a 10 Miracle Blow-dry Volumizer

Sedu/Revolution Lite Weight Hair Dryer

Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream

Cardigan -Here

Caring for your hair is key to having fabulous locks.  I have been with my stylist Lauren for years.  I have had chocolate brown hair, long hair, all the way to a platinum pixie cut.  One thing I have learned over the years of coloring and styling my hair is that all products are not created equal.


I have tried it all from Suave to Oribe.  Everyone’s hair texture is different, what works for me, may not work for you.  My advice is to meet with your stylist or mine, because she is amazing, and talk about what products would be best for your hair.  


My hair is highlighted.  Anytime you put color on your hair you want to not only protect your color but your hair as well.  Lets start with shampoo.  


When looking for my shampoo I wanted something that would smooth my hair, because in our humidity it can get some frizz.  Lauren recommends Color Proof Crazy Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.  It is in the pink bottles.  To start, Color Proof products smell fantastic! My hair is so smooth.  Once a week I use Color Proof Clear it Up Detox Shampoo.  This shampoo helps detox my hair from all the products I use when styling.  I buy my products directly from Lauren at the salon because she always has them a little cheaper than you can buy them online.  Who doesn’t want to save money, right?


After my hair is clean I use a root boost.  I alternate between two products.  Color Proof Super Plump, which is a mousse that you massage from the scalp all the way to the ends of your hair while damp.  I also use It’s a 10 Miracle Blowdry Volumizer you spray this at the roots of your hair, throughout while damp.  A little with both of these products goes a long way.  


For smoothing my ends, I just started using Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream.  This is incredible!  I use a tiny drop and massage onto the ends of my hair. 


I know this seems like a lot of work, but it is so worth it.  The health of your hair will be fantastic.  After this, I then blow-dry my hair.  I use the Sedu/Revolution lite weight version.  I am hooked on this.  I take it with me when we travel!  It is totally worth it.  


Next up is styling.  I have started using a wand to curl my hair.  I wanted those loose waves, and just couldn’t get that with a curling iron.  So I ordered L’ange curling wand.  I ordered mine 50% off through another bloggers video.  It’s a pretty blush color.  Warning this gets so hot.  Protecting your hair is so important.  I use AG Hair Care Firewall.  This is a heat protectant with argan shine to it.  It keeps your hair smooth without getting that crunchy hairspray feel when styling your hair.  Cover your hair, but be cautious because it does have argan shine to it.  So if you put too much you might get a greasy appearance.  I learned with Lauren that the front pieces of your hair are the most delicate and get the most heat and damage.  Be sure to really apply your protectant in that area.  


I finish and use Morocan Oil Luninous Hairspray in “strong”.  Love this.  It smells amazing and has the perfect amount of hold.   If I want to add a little extra boost a the roots I use Color Proof Powder Fix Texturizing Powder.  This is the product that Lauren was using in the video I posted on Instagram and Facebook.  


I am going to be doing a video very soon on how I use my hair wand!


If you want to see my stylist Lauren Davis you can text her for appointments 865-406-0878 !

All About Orange

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My wardrobe has lots of orange, after all we do live in Tennessee.  Tennessee football and basketball are life to fans.  I like to make sure when I wear my Vol colors I have a good mix of casual and “pretty”.  


After our family Dollywood day I stopped by the J Crew Factory Outlet and found this sweater.  I was so excited.  I loved the fun sleeves and the fit is great.  My size was not available in the store so they ordered it for me free shipping and a 40% discount.  It was at my door in 2 days!  I am wearing a medium so it is true to size.  J Crew Factory is always having great sales online. If you watch they will have either 30 or 40% off.  I bought his necklace that day as well.  Olivia picked it out for the wolf stuffed animal she got at Dollywood.  I humored her telling her it was for her wolf she named Pearl, but the whole time I knew that it would be for me.  My girls are so funny. 


My jeans are from last year.  They are a pair of Hudson jeans that I love.  They are comfortable and relaxed.  This is one of my favorite brands along with about 10 others!


The Tory Reva flat is a classic.  I have had mine for years.  These are black with the gold logo.    The new style is called the Minnie Flat.  It looks just like the Reva flat.   I had no trouble breaking my flats in.  I do have friends that have had difficulty.  They recommended wearing socks with them for a bit around the house to break them in.  I am a huge Tory Burch fan. 


Leopard is a new passion.  I love all the clutches I have been seeing on fellow bloggers, so I went on a hunt.  I have a great handbag so I didn’t want to spend a lot on one.  I found this one for $45!  I love it.  It has a leopard side and a black side.  It is great and large enough to actually hold items.  I toss it in my tote with lipstick and lots of other goodies.  


I am starting to work on my hair post, talking about what products I use and how I do my curls.  I am also going to work on a make up post soon!


Enjoy your week!

Flowy Ruffles and Heels

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I just want to say it is ridiculously hot!  I have fall decor on my porch, but it was upper 80’s today.  What is going on?  I am afraid my pumpkins are going to turn to goo!  I have so many fall things I am dying to wear.   Fall please stop teasing us and come to stay!  

On that note, I did find this amazing top.  It is a tee shirt material, but so soft and has that perfect drape.  I love that it is longer in the back and angles on the sides.  It is so fabulous.  This top was a great price $49.  The brand is Chelsea28; I wear a lot of it.  It washes well and lasts forever.  

My jeans are a new brand I am trying out.  I have been seeing these everywhere With a brand name like Mother, I was curious.  I ordered these through Anthropologie.  Anthro is currently running a 20% off any full price item.  I took advantage and tried these.  They are high waist and button fly.  All jeans I purchase are going to have a little stretch to them, it is much more comfortable.  These do as well.  I am in love!  They are on the pricier side so I will not have many.  (I will link others I love as well.). 

Shoes!  Shoes are so fun to shop for.  I love all styles.  Heels or pumps always catch my eye, but I haven’t worn them in recent years.  Heels were not on the top of my list for chasing twins.  I am now ready to get back in the game.  I ordered these from Ann Taylor.  I love Ann Taylor shoes.  The quality is always so great, as is the comfort.  The nude color is fabulous.  I love it with my skin tone.  They are comfortable.  I wore them for the shoot then to the mall for some shopping.  Since I haven’t work heels in years, unless it was a special occasion, I thought wearing them a couple of hours before changing was pretty great.  That really says a lot for the brand.  

The necklace I’m wearing is a vintage Chanel button turned into a necklace.  I love it.  It is gold and pearl.  I found it on Instagram at shop called Two Girls with Gifts.  They have some really pretty items.  I love the button idea.  They have several others that are gorgeous. 

Loving Leopard

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I am seeing leopard print everywhere!  I love it!  I have been debating on which pieces I want to purchase.  I found these mules at Ann Taylor and got them 40% off.  I was so excited.  I love finding a sale.  They have the prettiest bow and are very comfortable.  I wore them to a princess photo shoot with my girls and was very impressed by how comfortable they were. 


I have also added to my love of leopard print a fabulous scarf (that was only $19).  I also found a cardigan through Instigram, and a clutch at Nordstrom (one of the cheaper ones I found for $45).  The cardigan should be here soon!


I had so much fun taking these pictures.  My husband is my photographer so he always makes it fun.  Our girls had a princess photo shoot in Harrogate, TN at LMU Campus.  After, we stopped by his parents house.  HIs parents have the most beautiful outdoor area with fabulous Frontgate outdoor furniture.   My surroundings were perfect.  


The jeans I am wearing are a new purchase.  I am trying out this brand and the price is only $69!  That is the regular price not on sale.  I would definitely compare these to other designer brands that usually start at $150 and above.  These jeans have stretch in them but do not lose their shape.  No tugging and pulling on these.  I love the look of the staggered rough hem.   These are definitely some of my new favorites!  


My top is an oldie but a goodie.  I purchased this last year in a trunk from Trunk Club.  It is a Rebecca Taylor, and I found it on sale and available for you here.  This is a great silk top, very classy, but still has a sexy look with the sheer front .  


My bag is designed by Kelly Moore.  I use it now as a camera bag.  I received this as a gift, and used it for a while as a diaper bag.  It has separators inside that can Velcro and move around to adjust to how you want to organize.  This bag is also water resistant and can be wiped off.  It is amazing.  


I keep wearing my earrings!  I love the gold look with a little sparkle.  My bracelets are some of my favorites!  Julie Vos has gorgeous pieces.  I love the gold and pearl together.    


Don’t forget to check out my new shop page!  Enjoy your week!

Neutrals for Rainy Days

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I usually don’t wear neutrals.  When fall rolls around, my tan is gone.  I continue using my self tanner by Loving Tan, but in a lighter color.  I feel like having blonde hair and no tan I look “washed out”.  I think this might be in my head.

This is has been a dreary rainy week, so it called for neutrals.

I love a cardigan.  They make me feel warm and cozy.  This one is not too thick so while the days are still warm it is perfect.  I can also wear it with long sleeves as things cool down more.  

I am struggling with tops to go under cardigans right now.  I am on the hunt.  I liked this top because it was a light blush pink color and a soft knit tank.  I love tucking my tops in and wearing a belt!  

Belts are one of my new obsessions!  I am in love with this brown one.  I wear it all the time.

I always go for a big earring and delicate necklace.  I love these Kendra Scott earrings.  They are so fun but still classy.  I have had my necklace for years.  Diana Warner is a jewelry designer from Knoxville, who is now in New York.  Her pieces are so pretty.  I initially purchased this “W” stamped necklace in a dipped gold, and I wore it so much that I got the 14K one.  It is one of my favorite pieces.  I wear it all the time.  

Julie Vos is another of my new favorite purchases.  I love wearing these bracelets as a trio.  You can’t go wrong with gold and pearl.    

More fall looks to come!  I am in the process of changing my closet over to my fall wardrobe!

Family Day at Dollywood

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Shop Links for Items I Love at the end of Post!

Lately it is a rare combination that my husband has the day off and the weather is nice.  When we have those days we take advantage.  The weather was fabulous, warm and sunny.  It was a perfect Dollywood day.  


I like to hope that I am not the only mom who feels scattered when trying to get ready for a spontaneous theme park day!  My twin girls are 5 years old, so I still load up my double Bob jogging stroller.  I dread the day that they outgrow it.  Kiddos get tired and just need to rest sometimes.  The Bob is a perfect thing to have for that.  If I am being honest, I love that it holds my water, phone, purse, and all the other stuff that has to be taken along.  


The next thing I think about is dressing the entire family for comfort.  I would love to look fancy and cute, but I have to sacrifice when chasing the girls around a park in the mountains.  There are tons of hills which call for sneakers!  Athletic wear is our usual choice.  It is comfortable and there are so many cute options available.  


A backpack or cross body bag works best for me.  I still have my diaper bag.  It is a messenger style purse bag that I still carry on days like this because it holds so much, but doesn’t look like a diaper bag.  


I have learned a change of clothes is necessary for the girls.  You never know if they will end up wet from a water ride or covered in ice cream.  


Each time we get to the park, my girls have their routine down.  This trip was no different, but for some reason, one of the rides they typically like scared them to death.


The picture says it all.  They were excited getting on, then up they went.  Their excitement was replaced by pure fear.  They were screaming and yelling.  People were crowding around to watch.  It was pretty funny.  Here I am on the ground trying to calm them down.  They actually stopped the ride to let them off.  I appreciated this because they were very upset.  No more rides were ridden after this.  


We essentially went to Dollywood this trip to eat lunch, have their faces painted, ride 2 rides, eat ice cream, and shop the gift shop.  


All and all, any time you can spend time with the family, it is a good day.

Items I Love for Family Days:


Bright Colors and Leather Jackets

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Shop This Look:







Block Mules



I love fall weather!  Cannot beat the cool mornings and with warm sunny days, pumpkins and mums on porches.  I am ready to decorate.  Halloween is our favorite.

Jackets or a cardigan are a favorite of mine in the fall.  It warms up so much during the day if I wear jeans, long sleeves are a little much still.  So a jacket is perfect for layering.  A “leather”jacket is fabulous to give a sexy edgy look to any outfit.  Honestly who doesn’t feel sexy in a jacket like this?  

Mine is not real leather because, let’s be real , I have 5 year old twins, and who knows what they have who knows what on their hands.  I feel much better about wiping off a faux leather jacket, than worrying about how am I going to clean real leather!  Also, the price point is amazing.  It looks just like really leather.  

I am a color girl.  I love bright colors and jewel tones.  On the other end of the spectrum, a white tee is another go to in my closet.  

This off the shoulder orange red top has been a favorite of mine.  I got it this summer at Anthropologie, and I have worn it so much.  It is a thicker ponte knit so it is very comfortable.  This top is no longer available, but here is another top that I love as well!  

Denim!  I am denim addicted to all styles and trying out so many different brands.  This brand is a great brand.  They hold their shape so well and do not stretch out.  I mention it in pretty much every denim post that I hate to have to pull or tug on my pants.  These stay in place.

More mules!  I snagged these at Urban outfitters.  This was my first shoe purchase from Urban of their brand.  I really like them.  They are comfortable and good quality and nicely priced.  Ilove the wooden block heel on these to add contrast to the shoe.  

When It comes to jewelry, I tend to be more of a minimalist.  I am working on this.  I want to try and spice things up a little more.  I usually always go to a fun fabulous earring, and my go to bracelets and my Michele watch.  I rotate through a couple of bracelets that are my faves.  They are all either silver, gold, or pearls.  

Enjoy the weekend!



AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste

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A smile is usually the first thing I look at.  Before having my girls I was a registered Dental Assistant.  I loved working in a dental office.  Oral health is a true passion for me.  

I am always looking at smiles.  Everyone always wants their teeth as white as they can be.  There are so many products available to help with whitening you teeth.  There are both professional grade, as well as over the counter options.  The question is do they work? 

I have always used professional whitening trays but, while being pregnant was not able to whiten.  I got out of the whitening routine, so here I am 5 years later thinking everyday, I am going to whiten my teeth and don’t. 

When my friend Kelly contacted me about trying AP 24 Whitening toothpaste I was very excited.  I wanted to do my research first.  I did not want to use anything that would be potentially harmful or abrasive to my teeth or gums. 

Doing research this is what I learned…

AP 24 is made by a company called NuSkin the “AP” is the ingredient that does the magic.  The toothpaste contains flouride and can also be used on children ages 2 and up.  It does not contain peroxide.  

I have been using the toothpaste 2 times a day for about a week now and my teeth do feel cleaner and sensitivity has improved.  I have noticed that they do appear whiter.  The flavor is a vanilla mint,which is nice and refreshing.  It is very mild so you don’t have an over powering vanilla flavor. 

I love this toothpaste.  I am hooked!  I order mine from this link from Kelly.  She also carries tubes in her salon, Studio Salon if you want to purchase and not wait for shipping.

Chloe and Isobel... I am in Love

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I am always on the look out for fun jewelry and accessories.  I also want pieces that have an elegant, timeless look.  I am sure you have all seen it running through your Facebook or Instagram feed, Chloe and Isobel Jewelry.  


I have seen the advertisements and scrolled past, like most of you thinking I probably wouldn’t like it.  What caught my eye surprisingly was a bun cuff, and I saw it on Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark.   She was dressed up for some award show and she had the bun cuff in her hair.  I was sold!  Can you tell I am a Game of Thrones fan?  


I have an amazing friend who sells Chloe and Isobel, Erin.  I went on her link and shopped.   


When my items came they were fantastic.  The packaging was so nice and the quality of the hair accessories was amazing.  The bun cuff can also be worn as a bracelet; that is a double win!  The first time I wore the bun cuff, I received so many compliments!  I immediately ordered more.  I can’t wait to get the rest of my items.  I ordered more hair accessories and jewelry this round. 


When doing research about the company, I read how they were founded and the message they send is wonderful.  I will definitely be purchasing more items.  You can too with this Link!


Active Wear Everyday

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Shop Fabletics Here

There are so many days when I wake up and just throw on my work out clothes, even if I’m not working out.  If I am not going to get “ready” for the day, I always feel better putting on cute active wear.  


Some of my favorites are Lululemon, Fabletics, and Calia.  Fabletics is the most convenient for me.  I am a VIP member so pay a monthly fee of $49.95.  I can skip any month I choose if I either don’t want to spend the money or just don’t need anything that month.  Sometimes I just let my monthly credit build up for a while, then order several items.  You can cancel at anytime.


I was skeptical at first, wondering how the quality would be.  I was used to my other favorite brands, and had become a bit spoiled.  When my first outfit came I was thrilled.  The quality and fit were fabulous.  All the pieces have washed well and held up nicely.  


If you are a VIP member, then you get discounts on the items.  There are several ways to shop.  You can choose an outfit that comes with usually 2 or 3 pieces.  The pieces can also be purchased individually.  I think it is a better deal to purchase the outfits.  You get more for your money, and they range from usually $49 on up to $89.  


The leggings are my favorite item.  They are very supportive and have a higher waist.  


Most days I am the mom running around in my active wear who hasn’t been to the gym!

Starting the Fall Transition

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Shop this Look:

Anthropologie Crop Top- Similar Here (I love this top)

White Denim- Here or Here 

Tan Mules-Here

Necklace- Here

This has been a big week in the Welch household.  Olivia lost her first tooth, pre-k started, and the girls turned 5 today! 


In the midst of all of these changes, cooler mornings are upon us.  If you sit in the shade in the afternoons you can actually begin to cool off.  It has happened; summer is starting to end. 


 Dressing for this time of year is always a difficulty for me.  The main portion of the day is still so hot that if I wear fall clothes for anything other than staying indoors, I look like an overheated mess.  I try to search for a compromise.  This outfit is another that is very different for me, but once I put it on, I loved it.  


A crop top or even shorter top would not have been on my radar several months ago.  Since losing weight and becoming more confident, I thought, why not.    I found this top while on vacation this summer at Anthropologie.  I love the teal color!  My only issue with this top would be the hook closure.  I had to really watch and make sure it was staying closed.  I prefer not to show that much of my chest!  


I cannot give up my white pants.  I know there is a “rule” of no white pants after Labor Day, but I don’t think I will be able to give them up when the time comes.  I am going to break the rules!  I have worn these pants so much this summer.  There are two pairs I go back and forth between.  I have talked before about my love for denim.  I love having a little bit of stretch for comfort.  Both of these are so comfortable. 


These tan mules are unbelievably comfortable.  The peep toe still gives that summer feel.  The tan color is warm and will transition well into fall.  I ordered these in black as well.  I was shocked at the amazing price I found on these.  I have a shoe addiction, especially when I find them on sale!   Things get out of control! 

Black Skinnies for the Win

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Shop this Look:

Top- Here

Black Skinnies- Here also love these

Suede Mules- Here

Bag- Similar Here


I love anything off the shoulder!  I am starting to look at fall wear, but still want items that I can wear now.  When I found this top, I loved it.  Showing a little shoulder makes me feel sassy.  

I put this top with skinny, black jeans and these mules.  Black skinnies are a must for fall.  They can be worn with so much.  If your wanting to give a comfy tee a more sleek look, black skinnies are the way to go.  I like mine to have a little stretch, but still keep their shape as you wear them.  There is nothing worse than tugging your jeans back up.  I love these because they wear, wash, and feel amazing. 

Shoes!  Mules are my obsession right now.  I like open toe, closed toe, high, or low.  I will take them all.  These mules are suede with a block heel.  A block heel is my go to for comfort.  When I am out with the girls, I have to focus on comfort, but I want to look good too!

One Skirt 2 Ways

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When Peri came home with this skirt I had to have one!  I had to remind myself that Peris 19, while I am a 30 something mother of twins.  I immediately started second guessing myself about wearing: 1. A “leather” skirt; 2. A mini shirt; and 3. A completely form fitting neon “hello look at me” outfit.   


When the skirt came I tried it on, and my husband’s response was WOW!  The skirt is a mini skirt, but I wear shorts that are shorter.  To make myself feel a little more comfortable I put fitted boy shorts under it.  This is not an outfit I would wear out and about with my girls.  The fear of potentially needing to bend over would be constantly looming!  


I stepped outside of the box and was very proud of myself and very sexy!  Any outfit you put on should make you feel good about yourself.  If you feel confident, then you will exude that and people will notice.  


I styled this skirt as sophisticated as I could.  I loved the color and feel of the fabric. My tan looked so golden with this top on!  


I decided to go with flat sandals for this skirt because I didn’t want to add any more length to my legs.  I love these sandals.  I think they add a sleek sexiness to your feet and give things a dressier look while still being in a comfortable sandal.  


Peri also has this skirt.  However, she styles it completely different.  She can wear anything while still being confident and looking fabulous. 


Peri chose a causal white knit crop top.  The white shoes give it a sexy, sporty look.

Shop These Looks Below Pictures!

Shop These looks:

Neon Top on Sale - Here

"Leather" Skirt on Sale- Here

Black Sandals on Sale - Here

White Crop Top- Here


Bags- Lanvin No longer available Similar Here  Printed Bag Here

Everyday Out and About

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Today the girls had tennis, and it was so hot you could barely breathe.  I just can’t get myself in fall shopping mode yet.  It is tough when you’re walking to your car and feel sticky from all the “muggy” heat.  That does not help me think of cute cardigans and pants.  I am doing some shopping and fall looks will be coming soon. 

In the mean time, while us southern ladies are still battling the heat, this is my go to choice for running errands with my girls.

I love a comfy, cute tee shirt that I can front tuck. I prefer a looser fit.  Front tucking is my new favorite style.  I feel like it gives your outfit a little something “extra”, and you can display a cute belt.  It also breaks things up a little.  

Denim shorts are my go to.  I love denim!  I just started wearing this brand this summer and I am hooked.  They are so soft and have a loose relaxed feel and vintage look.  These shorts can be dressed up or down.   I chose a very casual look today because I knew I would be sweating to death at the girls tennis lesson.  But you could pair them with a cute sandal to give them a dressier look. 

When wearing denim shorts I am on the belting bandwagon.  Lane (my husband) bought me this gorgeous belt in Charleston while on vacation this summer and I wear it constantly.  A belt really polishes up a denim short.

If I am running errands I always go for comfort when picking which shoes are best for my outfit.  Today I could not resist my pink sneakers!  I love pink, especially the light blush shade.  These Adidas are so comfortable.  They feel like you are walking on clouds.  

In my everyday running with the girls or running errands, this is what I usually like to wear.  It is comfortable, but I still feel pretty and fashionable.  Enjoy your week!

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Tee Shirt- Here

Denim Shorts- Here

Belt- Here Similar Here

Pink Sneakers- Here 

Backpack- Here this is a newer style (mine is no longer available)

Earrings- Here

Gold Bracelet - Here

Downtown Casual

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Summer is coming to an end.  The girls will be starting pre-school at the end of this month.   We are soaking up all the sun and outdoor fun that we can!  We headed down to Market Square, which is the cutest area in downtown Knoxville to have lunch at Stock and Barrel.  This burger restaurant is a must if you are in the area!  For all my gluten free friends they have the best gluten free bun.  I splurged and veered from the diet!  Yum!  

The girls love going downtown to walk around and see all the dogs out and about; that’s their favorite part.  On a warm summer day like this, I love wearing a gaucho pant that flows. They are so comfortable, and after eating a large meal the high waist was nice.   I am starting to transition into more fall looks, while still accommodating the heat.  I loved the look of this belt with the pants.  I opted for an ivory top instead of my go to white, which gave it a warmer feel.  I love a wedge shoe!  I am taller, but still would be considered average height at 5’8, so I generally go for a wedge that is on the lower side to not feel too tall.  I also have to take into consideration I am chasing two, 5 year old girls around a downtown area.  They want to pet every dog they see.  Comfort is a must for this momma!

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I Love this outfit!  Some of the exact items are sold out but here are similar pieces to create this look

Top: Ivory Silk Top

Pants: Navy Wide Leg Pants

Belt: Brown Belt

Shoes: Steve Madden Wedge

Necklace: Tat2 Pavia Coin

Bracelets: Here and Here 

watch: Michele

Ring is no longer available.  It is a Judith ripka, I love her designs