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Active Wear Everyday

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There are so many days when I wake up and just throw on my work out clothes, even if I’m not working out.  If I am not going to get “ready” for the day, I always feel better putting on cute active wear.  


Some of my favorites are Lululemon, Fabletics, and Calia.  Fabletics is the most convenient for me.  I am a VIP member so pay a monthly fee of $49.95.  I can skip any month I choose if I either don’t want to spend the money or just don’t need anything that month.  Sometimes I just let my monthly credit build up for a while, then order several items.  You can cancel at anytime.


I was skeptical at first, wondering how the quality would be.  I was used to my other favorite brands, and had become a bit spoiled.  When my first outfit came I was thrilled.  The quality and fit were fabulous.  All the pieces have washed well and held up nicely.  


If you are a VIP member, then you get discounts on the items.  There are several ways to shop.  You can choose an outfit that comes with usually 2 or 3 pieces.  The pieces can also be purchased individually.  I think it is a better deal to purchase the outfits.  You get more for your money, and they range from usually $49 on up to $89.  


The leggings are my favorite item.  They are very supportive and have a higher waist.  


Most days I am the mom running around in my active wear who hasn’t been to the gym!