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Chloe and Isobel... I am in Love

Savannah Welch1 Comment

I am always on the look out for fun jewelry and accessories.  I also want pieces that have an elegant, timeless look.  I am sure you have all seen it running through your Facebook or Instagram feed, Chloe and Isobel Jewelry.  


I have seen the advertisements and scrolled past, like most of you thinking I probably wouldn’t like it.  What caught my eye surprisingly was a bun cuff, and I saw it on Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark.   She was dressed up for some award show and she had the bun cuff in her hair.  I was sold!  Can you tell I am a Game of Thrones fan?  


I have an amazing friend who sells Chloe and Isobel, Erin.  I went on her link and shopped.   


When my items came they were fantastic.  The packaging was so nice and the quality of the hair accessories was amazing.  The bun cuff can also be worn as a bracelet; that is a double win!  The first time I wore the bun cuff, I received so many compliments!  I immediately ordered more.  I can’t wait to get the rest of my items.  I ordered more hair accessories and jewelry this round. 


When doing research about the company, I read how they were founded and the message they send is wonderful.  I will definitely be purchasing more items.  You can too with this Link!