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What is in my Make Up Bag?

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Here are just a few items I love!!

Make Up Mirror

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Shop Mirror Here:

Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

Whether you are using it to put on make up or to pluck your eyebrows, everyone needs a good mirror.  My mirror is known as the forever mirror in our house.  Lane and I can get lost in the mirror grooming or just assessing ourselves.  It is a running joke here!  


There are so many options for good mirrors.  I like one that has a light and multiple levels of magnification.   There are many options out there depending on how much you want to spend on a mirror.  Well, I wanted as many features as I could get, but did not want to spend a lot.  My girls use this mirror too, playing or just looking. They sometimes aren’t as gentle as I would like, so I didn’t want to spend a lot.  


I found this mirror on Amazon.  It has the light feature, and 3 different levels of magnification.  It comes in this pretty gold color along with others.   It is perfect!  I love it.  The quality isn’t as nice as a Simple Human or Nordstrom mirror but still very nice for the price point.  It has a charging cord for the lights or they can be battery operated as well.  The main mirror looks like the face of and iPad with the touch button turn on.  This is a definite recommendation!

Sara Happ Luxe Gloss

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I love a great lip gloss.  Well, lets be honest I love lip color of all kinds!  I find that lip gloss tends to be my go to in the summer for that shiny, light look.   I have learned in all my years of lip gloss wear that they are not all created equal.  They can be sticky, drying, too glittery, or taste and smell funny.


I still remember my first go to lip gloss in middle school, Lipsmacker Vanilla Frosting!  I used it for years.  When you find a good one you tend to stick with it. 


Now that I am older, the things I look for in a lipgloss are a little different than my Lipsmacker days.  I want that moisturizing and silky feel.  I ordered Sara Happ One Luxe Gloss.  I love it!  I always think ordering lip color online is so very difficult, the colors never look the same in person.


 I went with a safe bet for me first, which was the Ballet Slip.  Sara Happ colors are very opaque so they look great alone or over a lipstick or liner.  My absolute favorite color is the Rose Gold.  I feel so glamorous when I wear it.  It has just enough metallic shine and gold tone that it is so eye catching.


I am anxious to try more of the Sara Happ Line.

Gorgeous Tan Without The Time or Sun

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I love having that warm bronzy glow, especially in the summer.  I am very cautious when out in the sun.  Preserving my youth is one thing, but I am also concerned about skin cancers or other damage the sun may cause.  I always wear a hat and sit under an umbrella when I am out by the pool; so getting a gorgeous tan can be difficult.  Another struggle is if my front is perfectly tan I stand up turn around and I am pasty pale!

Earlier in the summer I started looking at self tanners and have tried several, but then I started seeing Loving Tan.  Peri (our 19 year old) has friends that wear it.  I was able to see it in person before buying.  

When I ordered the site was very easy, and I was pleasantly surprised by the price point of this tanner.  Most of the others I have purchased in the past were more expensive.  This was $34.   I purchased the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra Dark and Dark.  I love a good promo code.  I searched online and found one and go a free application mitt!  This is a must for applying the tanner, as it makes it mistake proof.  On my next order I got the tan removing & skin polishing glove.  This process is amazing.   


Tips I use for application:  Bathe and exfoliate first.  You can use the skin polishing glove, which is what I do.


Right after I bathe, I lotion my elbows, knees, ankles, and feet.  This keeps product from over saturation the skin


Using Applicator Mitt pump mouse onto fit and apply I rub up and down and in circular motions.  I do not apply to my face.  


Let dry.  I usually wait 2 or 3 minutes then dress.  


I sleep over night with the Mousse on and wash off the next morning.  My tan usually last about 7 to 10 days!


I use Ultra Dark in the middle of summer when my natural tan is darker and just Dark the rest of the time.  

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