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Family Day at Dollywood

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Lately it is a rare combination that my husband has the day off and the weather is nice.  When we have those days we take advantage.  The weather was fabulous, warm and sunny.  It was a perfect Dollywood day.  


I like to hope that I am not the only mom who feels scattered when trying to get ready for a spontaneous theme park day!  My twin girls are 5 years old, so I still load up my double Bob jogging stroller.  I dread the day that they outgrow it.  Kiddos get tired and just need to rest sometimes.  The Bob is a perfect thing to have for that.  If I am being honest, I love that it holds my water, phone, purse, and all the other stuff that has to be taken along.  


The next thing I think about is dressing the entire family for comfort.  I would love to look fancy and cute, but I have to sacrifice when chasing the girls around a park in the mountains.  There are tons of hills which call for sneakers!  Athletic wear is our usual choice.  It is comfortable and there are so many cute options available.  


A backpack or cross body bag works best for me.  I still have my diaper bag.  It is a messenger style purse bag that I still carry on days like this because it holds so much, but doesn’t look like a diaper bag.  


I have learned a change of clothes is necessary for the girls.  You never know if they will end up wet from a water ride or covered in ice cream.  


Each time we get to the park, my girls have their routine down.  This trip was no different, but for some reason, one of the rides they typically like scared them to death.


The picture says it all.  They were excited getting on, then up they went.  Their excitement was replaced by pure fear.  They were screaming and yelling.  People were crowding around to watch.  It was pretty funny.  Here I am on the ground trying to calm them down.  They actually stopped the ride to let them off.  I appreciated this because they were very upset.  No more rides were ridden after this.  


We essentially went to Dollywood this trip to eat lunch, have their faces painted, ride 2 rides, eat ice cream, and shop the gift shop.  


All and all, any time you can spend time with the family, it is a good day.

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