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Leopard Print Cardi

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This past week was a doozy!  I had two sick little girls.  That means they were home from school, and the meltdowns were epic.  You know when you don’t feel well, everything is just a travesty.  Well with 5-year-old twin girls that is an understatement!  Basically I am exhausted and feel completely behind on everything.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband, who is a huge help when he is home.  So I was able to get a few pictures in. (He does all my photos). 


I have been doing lots of leopard lately!  When I found this cardigan I had to order it.  It was only $32 I ordered it from a boutique I found on Instagram JessLea.  They have some very cute things.  I ordered a large because I wanted mine to be a little looser and drape.  


Deciding what to wear under the cardigan was a toss up between a cream or black camisole.  I went with a black because I liked it with my shoes.  The camisole I am wearing is one I bought last year through trunk club.  It came from Nordstrom.  I will link a similar one and a cream one as well.  I chose a looser fitting camisole because I just felt more comfortable in it.  This cardigan can be worn either way!


My jeans are my obsession!  If y’all have been following me, you know I love denim.  I especially love good fitting denim.  It helps if it has a great price point too.  This particular pair was a splurge but worth it completely.  It is my first pair of Mother Denim and I love them.  I have worn them so much.  I feel like they definitely run true to size. These are high waisted and button fly.  I still ordered my normal size in them and they fit perfectly.  They do not loose their shape as the day goes on.  I do not wash my jeans after every wear.  It depends on what I did and where I wore them.  Usually after 2 or 3 wears I wash.  I like the feel of a broken in jean and I feel like it extends the life of them.  That could be just me, but it has seemed to work.  


These shoes have made many blog appearances in black and tan.  They are so comfortable and so affordable for such a great shoe.  I wear them a lot.  I haven’t had any trouble with wearing them for long periods of time.  They haven’t hurt my feet at all.  


My purse is Tory Burch fan favorite.  I feel like I see this bag everywhere.  It is the best of both worlds.  You get a crossbody, a clutch, and a shoulder bag.  It is amazing.  This was my very first Tory Burch purse.  I have had it for years and it is still in perfect condition.  I am very carful with my bags.  I always store them either in their bag cover or so the emblem cannot be scratched.  Protect the investment!    


Enjoy your week!  New post on Friday!