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One Skirt 2 Ways

Savannah WelchComment

When Peri came home with this skirt I had to have one!  I had to remind myself that Peris 19, while I am a 30 something mother of twins.  I immediately started second guessing myself about wearing: 1. A “leather” skirt; 2. A mini shirt; and 3. A completely form fitting neon “hello look at me” outfit.   


When the skirt came I tried it on, and my husband’s response was WOW!  The skirt is a mini skirt, but I wear shorts that are shorter.  To make myself feel a little more comfortable I put fitted boy shorts under it.  This is not an outfit I would wear out and about with my girls.  The fear of potentially needing to bend over would be constantly looming!  


I stepped outside of the box and was very proud of myself and very sexy!  Any outfit you put on should make you feel good about yourself.  If you feel confident, then you will exude that and people will notice.  


I styled this skirt as sophisticated as I could.  I loved the color and feel of the fabric. My tan looked so golden with this top on!  


I decided to go with flat sandals for this skirt because I didn’t want to add any more length to my legs.  I love these sandals.  I think they add a sleek sexiness to your feet and give things a dressier look while still being in a comfortable sandal.  


Peri also has this skirt.  However, she styles it completely different.  She can wear anything while still being confident and looking fabulous. 


Peri chose a causal white knit crop top.  The white shoes give it a sexy, sporty look.

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