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About Savannah


Welcome to Lovely and Southern, I am Savannah Welch the creator of this blog about fashion, beauty, family, my journey to being fit, and fun!  I am the mother of 5 year old identical twin girls and a wife of an amazing husband, who just finished his Emergency Medicine residency.  We also have a 19 year old who is pretty much our oldest child.  She was with us as a nanny and has become what the girls call their big sissy.  I can’t forget our 3 dogs, 2 elderly Chihuahuas and a 1 year old English Mastiff puppy.  My hands are full, to say the least.  After my husband finished residency we decided to move back to the hills of Tennessee to be close to our hometowns and families.  Now that we are what you would call “settled”, I have decided to start a blog about my passion for fashion, beauty, and my struggle/ up hill journey to become fit.  I hope you enjoy this exciting journey!