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The Girls Baking Christmas Cookies

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Halloween Prep with The Girls

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Life is always a fun, crazy mess with these two.  Our latest has been decorating for Halloween.  Halloween is a favorite at our house.  We all get so excited about putting up bats and witches.  Lane turns into a little kid at Halloween.  It is the best.  The girls are creatures of habit just like their daddy so they want to do everything the same way we did the year before.


One thing we started last year was wall decals that they could put on in the foyer.  We put up bats, and they do them all by themselves.  Most of the time the bats will be bunched together or upside down, but it is their wall so I have to leave it alone.  


Ella loves to scare Olivia at Halloween telling her there are skeletons and making ghost noises.  Olivia gets so scared and Ella thinks it is so funny.  She can be such a stinker.  


We added a new member to our Halloween decor this year.  He is a mummy with a hollow head that we are going to fill with candy for trick-or-treaters.  Of course he had to have a name.  Since most of the candy we have bought so far has been gummy bears, we named him Gummy the Mummy.  The girls think he is great.  He is actually my favorite decoration too.  


So we are gearing up for decorating outside.  Halloween night we have made a tradition of sorts.  My brother and his with come with my adorable nieces, as well as Lanes parents and my mom and stepdad.  We have chili and other yummy food.  We take the kids trick or treating through the neighborhood and give out candy at our house.  We have a great neighborhood.  Everyone gets into Halloween it is so much fun!  This year the girls are hooked on the Descendants 2 movie (Disney Villain kids) so they are going to be Mal (Maleficant’s daughter) and Uma (Ursula’s daughter).  I wanted them to be something completely different.  But they had decided that was definitely who they wanted, so I was overruled.  They are growing up too fast!

Alice in Wonderland

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Colorblind Photography has done it again!  I love doing these fun Disney photo shoots with the girls.  This round we did Alice in Wonderland.  Olivia was Alice, Ella the Mad Hatter, and their friend Aleah Jane was the White Rabbit.  

They had so much fun pretending to have a fun tea party.  Aleah Jane has the cutest personality and is the sweetest little girl.  Ashley, the photographer of Colorblind, did the shoot at the amphitheater on LMU Campus.  It is gorgeous but there was a huge draw back.  We were eaten alive by bugs.  There were this little gnat like bugs flying around and biting us.  One actually got in Aleah Jane’s eye.  She took it like a champ.  Bug removed and she continued smiling for pictures.  We had to coat the ground and the kids in but repellent to try and keep bugs at bay. 

First Day of Pre-K

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My sweet girls are growing up way too fast!  They are five years old today.  Olivia lost her first tooth this week.  I was so excited and emotional all at the same time.   It hit me that they are no longer babies, they are “kids”. 

Pre-K started and they began going for a full day three days a week.  This is was such big talk about how excited I was about having free time.  When the time came and I walked away from the classroom I cried.  I couldn’t help myself.  They were napping at school and spending the entire day like “big girls”.  With the tooth and turning 5 this was a little much for this momma to handle in one week. 

When I got home things were so quite.  After about 30 minutes I realized that this was not so bad.  The girls are in a great school and very happy, so I relaxed and went shopping.  This turned out to be pretty great!

I think I am going to enjoy school days.  I love my girls dearly but I am going to say what every mom is thinking, sometimes you just need a break!!

I picked the girls up that afternoon and they said with ways the best day.  They loved it.  They had friends and loved their teacher.  I am one happy momma with two amazing and happy girls.

Lovely Princesses and Maleficent

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We are a Disney family.  Like any little girl, my girls love to play dress up!  A good friend of mine Ashley, who happens to be an amazing photographer, has started doing princess sessions. Her photography name is Color Blind Photography.  You will see her work all over my site!  I love her!


She works with Your Fairy Godmother Couture.  This is when it starts getting exciting.  Looking at all the different princess or villain options, it was so hard to choose.  Ashley rents all the costumes and you just show up to shoot with hair and make up ready. 


For our princess shoot Ashley chose the amphitheater at Lincoln Memorial University.  It is a gorgeous site.  She had all the props ready to go. 


Ella Margaret, being sassy, chose Maleficent.  This was very exciting.  Olivia Ann chose Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.  The duo could not have been more perfect.  My nieces also did the shoot.  They are around the same age as my girls, with the youngest four and the oldest five.  They chose Elsa and Aurora. 


I have to say this was the best photo shoot I have ever been on with my girls.  They all got into character and were singing Disney songs!  It was fantastic. 


Ashley is having another princess shoot in September and will be having something coming up for boys too!  Check her out!

Meet Ella Margaret and Olivia Ann

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My amazing identical twin girls are 5 years old!  Where has the time gone?  Everyday with these little beauties is a new adventure and comedy show.  Despite their identical appearance, their personalities could not be any different.  We definitely have our days when things are not all perfect rainbows!  Like any stay at home mom, I have my struggles; we work through them.  Sometimes this momma just needs a little “me” time!  I am so thankful for my little ladies they definitely keep things interesting.