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First Day of Pre-K

Savannah WelchComment

My sweet girls are growing up way too fast!  They are five years old today.  Olivia lost her first tooth this week.  I was so excited and emotional all at the same time.   It hit me that they are no longer babies, they are “kids”. 

Pre-K started and they began going for a full day three days a week.  This is was such big talk about how excited I was about having free time.  When the time came and I walked away from the classroom I cried.  I couldn’t help myself.  They were napping at school and spending the entire day like “big girls”.  With the tooth and turning 5 this was a little much for this momma to handle in one week. 

When I got home things were so quite.  After about 30 minutes I realized that this was not so bad.  The girls are in a great school and very happy, so I relaxed and went shopping.  This turned out to be pretty great!

I think I am going to enjoy school days.  I love my girls dearly but I am going to say what every mom is thinking, sometimes you just need a break!!

I picked the girls up that afternoon and they said with ways the best day.  They loved it.  They had friends and loved their teacher.  I am one happy momma with two amazing and happy girls.