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Lovely Princesses and Maleficent

Savannah WelchComment

We are a Disney family.  Like any little girl, my girls love to play dress up!  A good friend of mine Ashley, who happens to be an amazing photographer, has started doing princess sessions. Her photography name is Color Blind Photography.  You will see her work all over my site!  I love her!


She works with Your Fairy Godmother Couture.  This is when it starts getting exciting.  Looking at all the different princess or villain options, it was so hard to choose.  Ashley rents all the costumes and you just show up to shoot with hair and make up ready. 


For our princess shoot Ashley chose the amphitheater at Lincoln Memorial University.  It is a gorgeous site.  She had all the props ready to go. 


Ella Margaret, being sassy, chose Maleficent.  This was very exciting.  Olivia Ann chose Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.  The duo could not have been more perfect.  My nieces also did the shoot.  They are around the same age as my girls, with the youngest four and the oldest five.  They chose Elsa and Aurora. 


I have to say this was the best photo shoot I have ever been on with my girls.  They all got into character and were singing Disney songs!  It was fantastic. 


Ashley is having another princess shoot in September and will be having something coming up for boys too!  Check her out!