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Alice in Wonderland

Savannah WelchComment

Colorblind Photography has done it again!  I love doing these fun Disney photo shoots with the girls.  This round we did Alice in Wonderland.  Olivia was Alice, Ella the Mad Hatter, and their friend Aleah Jane was the White Rabbit.  

They had so much fun pretending to have a fun tea party.  Aleah Jane has the cutest personality and is the sweetest little girl.  Ashley, the photographer of Colorblind, did the shoot at the amphitheater on LMU Campus.  It is gorgeous but there was a huge draw back.  We were eaten alive by bugs.  There were this little gnat like bugs flying around and biting us.  One actually got in Aleah Jane’s eye.  She took it like a champ.  Bug removed and she continued smiling for pictures.  We had to coat the ground and the kids in but repellent to try and keep bugs at bay.