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Blazers and Gold Buttons

Savannah WelchComment

I have always thought a blazer looks so classy and sophisticated.  When you add a gold button detail, to me it is a must have.  A good blazer doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be perfect.  Although, there are some that are drool worthy.  For me, wearing a blazer is strictly for fashion purposes.  I want a nice quality piece at a reasonable price.  I found these at J. Crew Factory after a day at Dollywood.  J. Crew Factory is generally having a sale of some kind going, I got these for 40% off.  


The fit and quality are great.  Like any suit jacket, they are lined so there is no “give” in the shoulders when moving around.  I purchased my usual size in blazers and they fit perfect.  I was so torn between the navy and the pink herringbone; I just bought both.  They are completely different looks, so I thought why not?  


I am wearing a mixed media ivory tank under my blazer.  It has a chiffon layer at the bottom and a keyhole button at the back.  I found this at J. Crew Factory as well.  I loved it because it was pretty and still dressy enough.  But it gave the blazers a casual look.  I will link other tops I love as well with the blazers.


I am stepping outside of my denim box.  I haven’t worn a boot cut jean in forever.  It is all I wore in high school and in my early 20s.  When skinny jeans starting getting big, I was hooked.  Now it is time to mix things up.  These jeans are absolutely fantastic.  I am a curvy girl, but I have no butt!  I have to be careful when I am buying jeans, well pants of any kind.  I don’t want to make things look any flatter back there than they already are.  These jeans actually give me the illusion of a booty.  When I try on jeans and this happens I am sold.  I was hesitant about the length at first because the last time I wore boot cut jeans the style was for them to be touching the floor.  Now slightly off the ground (better to display shoes) is the new look.  I am a fan of this.  I love shoes.  So showing those off is a plus.  I also can’t count the times I have tripped in my heels in the past.  Anyway, these jeans fit true to size.  I purchased my normal size, and they fit great.  They do not stretch out with wear and stay in place.  No tugging or pulling up on them as the day goes on.  


Shoes are love of mine.  I can’t get enough, especially if they are comfortable and pretty.  These heels are the perfect nude for my skin tone.  The heel height is great.  I usually like to stay in the 3 to 3.5 inch heel height.  Anything higher than that for a long period of time kills my feet.  I have worn these shopping and just out and about.  They have been great.  Ann Taylor has beautiful high quality shoes.  Lately they have been 50% off!  Time to stock up.  


My necklace and earrings are also J.Crew Factory finds.  Olivia actually picked out the necklace for her stuffed animal to wear.  I let her get it because it was a pretty necklace that I knew I would be wearing.  Her wolf actually wore the necklace the rest of the day.  It was the fanciest stuffed animal around.  


Enjoy the rest of the week!  New post on Friday!