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For the Love of Pink

Savannah WelchComment

It was family movie day.  We finally made it to see the My Little Pony Movie.  The girls now think seeing a move means also going to the arcade.  Lane is a big kid when it comes to an arcade; I must admit it is fun.  This trip went just like all of our other movie trips: arcade and then movie.  The movie ended up being not good at all.  I looked over five minutes into the movie and Lane is asleep.  The girls and I ended up eating a ton of junk food, and we left before the movie was over.  It was an epic fail.  The ponies are the girls’ favorite, so it was disappointing for the movie to not be good. 


I always freeze in a movie theater.  This time I was a little more prepared.  This sweater is the prettiest shade of fuchsia.   It is a thinner fabric so it is warm but doesn’t make you hot.  I liked to keep the sleeves slightly pushed up.  I tend to do that a lot with my more basic sweaters; I feel like they need a little something and that does it for me.  It also displays any bracelets or accessories that seem to get lost in winter.  I wanted this sweater to be more fitted and have a dressier look, so I bought my normal size which is medium.  


When I wear black jeans that fit just right I feel fantastic.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Lane can always tell when I feel good in an outfit because I ask him 100 times if I look ok.  He knows at that point that I want compliments.  There are a couple of pairs of black jeans that I love in all price ranges.  I will link them.  


Easy slides are so nice.  These were so comfortable!  I found them on sale for $29.  They also come in a maroon.  I may order those also.  It is a very pretty color.  


My latest bag love is this beauty.  It is a cross body or you can carry it by the handles.  The gold zipper accents really make this bag stand out.  The leather is so soft and it is the perfect size.  Vince Camuto makes gorgeous leather products.


Have a wonderful weekend.  We leave tomorrow for Walt Disney World!  Look forward to pictures this upcoming week of our trip.  New post on Monday.