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Slouchy Sweaters in Fun Colors

Savannah WelchComment

I am definitely a person who looks better in color.  I love to wear white tee shirts, but I have to stop myself because I just look blah in neutrals.  A lot of people are afraid to branch out of the neutral zone.  I completely understand.  It is a difficult thing.  You get these opinions of how you think you look when you wear a certain color, so you stay safe.  I general stayed in the safe zone until I started blogging.  I would branch out on occasion If my mother in law would talk me into something with color and then I would end up loving it.  After I started taking pictures and seeing what I looked like in my beloved neutrals, I decided it was time to branch out.  Colors are my friend.  A colorful top or sweaters actually brighten up my day when I wear them. 


I saw this sweater online and was hesitant at first.  Yellow can be a tricky color to wear.  You never know if it will be too mustard or neon.  This came and it had the perfect golden yellow hue to it.  It reminds be of a sunflower.  I also love an oversized sweater.  But, I think if you are going to wear oversized there is a point where things can be too oversized.  I like my “oversized” pieces to be just slightly large.  I am not a petite person and have a large bust so if I go too oversized, it just looks frumpy.  This sweater for reference is a size medium.  I have really struggled with sizing this year on “oversized” items not really know what size would work best.  I have been safe with mediums.  I rolled the sleeves on this sweater because it was super hot outside and I liked how it looked better than the sleeves being down and kind of fuller.  I think this gave it a preppier look. 


I went with dark skinny jeans to continue on with my preppy look.  These jeans are great.  I love this brand.  They wear so well and hold their shape.  I definitely recommend sizing down 1 size.  That is what I always do with this brand, and they always fit great. 


My leopard print mules are back again.  I am in love with the pretty bow on these and the print!  They are so comfortable and have been on sale for 50% off.  That is a steal on these.  I have worn them so much already because they go with so many outfits. 


I am changing it up with bags today.  I thought I would pull out a pale blush tan color with this.  I love the chain detail on the strap.  This bag is the perfect size.  Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers.  This bag style is no longer available, but I will link similar looks in Tory and other brands.  


My circle hair barrette is Chloe and Isobelle.  I will link my fabulous friend Erin so you can purchase it through her!


Happy Friday!  Enjoy the Weekend!  New Post on Tuesday!