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Trunk Club

Savannah WelchComment

I use Trunk Club Women, which I love.  Trunk Club is a company that gives you your own personal contact/stylist.  The stylist will either completely style you or look for ideas that you request.  All the items come from Nordstrom.  You can give price points that you would prefer to stay within.  You receive a “trunk” in the mail for a $25.00 try on fee no purchase necessary or monthly membership fees.  You try on keep what you like, send back the rest.  You are charged when Trunk Club receives the trunk back.  You have 5 days to keep the trunk. 


I started Trunk Club about 2 years ago for a couple of reasons.  One, it is very nice since we do not have a Nordstrom in Knoxville.  It is nice to shop without having to pay for everything until I know if I am going to like it.  Second, I get to try everything on at home, instead of taking my girls to a long drawn out shopping spree.  


My stylist Julie sends me a trunk about every other month.  I email her and tell her what I want or am looking for.  She then emails me a preview.  I look through picture previews of what she has selected and either accept or decline the trunk!


It is great!!