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Tortured Soles

Savannah WelchComment

Weather is cooling down, so it is finally time to bring out the fun fall shoes.  I always worry about comfort when shopping for shoes.  My life is busy with two five year olds.  I sometimes have to pass over what I think is the perfect shoe because it rubs my heel.  After a few steps you know that is not going to be comfortable.  The worst is after you have the shoes home, and have already worn them, only to find out that they give you horrible blisters.  They fit great in the store, but have just the right amount of friction that you’re now wearing a princess band aid for days.  I have tried buying heel pads from shoe stores or online.  They never stay in place.  They are usually rolled up in the bottom of my  shoe and useless.  


I now know the answer to my shoe problems have been solved!  I no longer have to pass over “the perfect pair” in fear of discomfort.  Tortured Soles Polka Dot Anti Slip Pads are the answer.   The Polka Dot Pad adheres to the back of your heel and stays in place!   I am beyond excited about this product.  My shoes did not slip at all.  It is slim and cushioned, so it aided in comfort and did not feel like it took up any room in the shoe.  I tried the pads in flats, ankle boots, and heels.  The ankle boots put the pads adhesive properties to the test.  They held strong and did and amazing job keeping my foot in place.  Ankle boots can be tough to slide into if they don’t have a zipper.  Then once I get them on I always feel like I have movement in the heel portion.  The Polka Dot Anti Slip Pads kept my foot from lifting with each step.  If my foot did have any movement, I have the protection of the pad on my heel. 


Tortured Sole has an amazing product.  I absolutely love the choice of their company name!  They offer the Anti Slip Polka Dot Pad that I have tried and love They also have two additional heel pads that are nude in color, the Oval Extra Anti Slip Pad and the Hourglass Extra Anti Slip Pad.    I am ready to add to my shoe collection with confidence now that I know I can walk around in comfort!    Thank you Tortured Soles!