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Staple items in my closet

Savannah WelchComment

I love bringing my fall and winter clothes down from the storage room.  It is so exciting to look through and see what I may have forgotten.  I sometimes find pieces I didn’t wear the year before, but love this year.  I also find things and think, what in that world was I thinking when I bought this?  I usually try and do a clean out of each season’s wardrobe when I am switching them in my closet.  It helps with the feeling of clutter.  Also, I feel like if I purge there is room for some new.  


Trends change every year.  There is always a new type of jean, or style of sweater that are on pointe.  But you can always count on a few things that will stay in your wardrobe year after year.  I have my “staple” items that I know are going to be fashionable.  Dark denim and black skinny jeans are a must in my closet.  I have a denim obsession.  Skinny jeans are my favorite, but having at least one pair of boot cut is a must.  I like a good pair of leggings, a pair you can dress up or wear casually.  I usually go for a ponte knit because they look nicer and in my case, I like to be warmer in winter.  Investing in pants has been where I usually put most of my money, for “staple” bottoms that I know I will continue to wear throughout the year and into the next winter.  Tops and Sweaters are usually where fashion trends change so much.  I always have a few good basic sweaters, cardigans, button up dress shirts, and a blazer.  I also love a good cute tee shirt.  Those are the basic items I have had in my wardrobe for several seasons.  These basic items can be accessorized or mixed with the current trends with out having to completely revamp your wardrobe every season.  Wouldn’t we all love to be able to purchase a new wardrobe every season?  


Get your “staple” items and then add your few trend pieces throughout the season!  Shopping in your own closet can be fun, just look for new ways to style it.  


Enjoy your weekend!