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November Red Cardi

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Today started off as a somber day, but ended with a fantastic suprise.  We took our English Mastiff Tilley to the orthopedic doctor.  She started limping and non-weight bearing on her back right leg.  Anyway, poor baby has torn her ACL and meniscus on the right side and possibly the left as well.   Tilley has surgery scheduled on Thursday.  She is very sore.  Of course being her momma I am worried to death.  There will be more on Tilley’s surgery after Thursday.


After coming home and getting Tilley settled, I was off to Kroger.  I usually do the grocery Click List pick up.  If you have not tried it, it is incredible.  You order it all online and pull up they load your car.  You literally have to do nothing!  It is amazing especially for busy moms who don’t want to take two 5 year olds to the grocery store.  I was not prepared, so I didn’t have an order placed in advance.  I had to do the dreaded, my own grocery shopping.   As I am strolling through the bacon and on the phone with my blogging bestie, I look up and see Peyton Baxter.  She writes the blog “Love n Labels” it is one of my favorites.  Being a new blogger, she is one of the people who inspire me!  Here she was in Kroger.  I was beyond excited.  I was trying to play it cool and not be a complete weirdo, but still try and get a chance to say hi. I caught up with her and told her I loved her blog.  She is so sweet!  We ended up chatting for a minute.  I told her about getting started as a blogger and of course my twins.  She is absolutely gorgeous and was so nice.  It completely made my rough day amazing. 


Sometimes it is the little things that can brighten up someone’s day.


New post on Friday!  Have a wonderful week!