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Make Up Mirror

Savannah WelchComment

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Led Lighted Makeup Mirror

Whether you are using it to put on make up or to pluck your eyebrows, everyone needs a good mirror.  My mirror is known as the forever mirror in our house.  Lane and I can get lost in the mirror grooming or just assessing ourselves.  It is a running joke here!  


There are so many options for good mirrors.  I like one that has a light and multiple levels of magnification.   There are many options out there depending on how much you want to spend on a mirror.  Well, I wanted as many features as I could get, but did not want to spend a lot.  My girls use this mirror too, playing or just looking. They sometimes aren’t as gentle as I would like, so I didn’t want to spend a lot.  


I found this mirror on Amazon.  It has the light feature, and 3 different levels of magnification.  It comes in this pretty gold color along with others.   It is perfect!  I love it.  The quality isn’t as nice as a Simple Human or Nordstrom mirror but still very nice for the price point.  It has a charging cord for the lights or they can be battery operated as well.  The main mirror looks like the face of and iPad with the touch button turn on.  This is a definite recommendation!