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Sara Happ Luxe Gloss

Savannah Welch1 Comment

I love a great lip gloss.  Well, lets be honest I love lip color of all kinds!  I find that lip gloss tends to be my go to in the summer for that shiny, light look.   I have learned in all my years of lip gloss wear that they are not all created equal.  They can be sticky, drying, too glittery, or taste and smell funny.


I still remember my first go to lip gloss in middle school, Lipsmacker Vanilla Frosting!  I used it for years.  When you find a good one you tend to stick with it. 


Now that I am older, the things I look for in a lipgloss are a little different than my Lipsmacker days.  I want that moisturizing and silky feel.  I ordered Sara Happ One Luxe Gloss.  I love it!  I always think ordering lip color online is so very difficult, the colors never look the same in person.


 I went with a safe bet for me first, which was the Ballet Slip.  Sara Happ colors are very opaque so they look great alone or over a lipstick or liner.  My absolute favorite color is the Rose Gold.  I feel so glamorous when I wear it.  It has just enough metallic shine and gold tone that it is so eye catching.


I am anxious to try more of the Sara Happ Line.