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With spring finally here, I am gearing up for summer.  I am ready for all things warm-summer clothes, shoes, and the works.  The first thing I start to realize when trying on all these much more skin-bearing clothes is how pale I am.  Winter does harsh things to our skin. 


When I started blogging I began using Loving Tan self tanner.  I liked this as an easy at home option to give my skin color.  Then I discovered QuickTan423 on Instagram.  They come to you to tan or you can go to their salon.  Total game changer!  I had so many questions before my first tan.  What do I need to do to prep?  How do they set up?  Which tan do I choose?  Am I going to be orange? (Friends Episode of Ross running through my head).  


I am here to tell you this is the way to tan! It is so easy and the colors are beautiful for all skin tones.  


First question, how do I make an appointment?  I booked my appointment through their Instagram page.  You can choose to tan at your home or at the salon.  I always choose at my home.  It is amazing to have someone travel to you, and tan in the comfort of my home.  That is completely up to you.  You will also select your tan color.  My favorite is Bohemian Goddess.  You can choose any shade and put in the notes your first time that you are not sure on your color.  I also always like to select the master contour option.  Because I do photos weekly I like to have that extra contour.  You will also select who you would like to tan you.  I have always used Sarah Irvin, but any of the ladies are fabulous!  Whom ever you choose will do a fabulous job.  On the calendar you will select a date and then a time for your tan appointment.    You also receive text confirmations, which are nice reminders.


Now you have your appointment; how do you prepare?  I usually have my tan scheduled in the mornings.  I shower, shave, and exfoliate the night before.  Shaving the morning of your tan can affect how your tan applies.  So be sure to do it the night before.  After my shower I do not put on any lotion or deodorant.  Sarah brings a barrier cream with her that I put on my hands, elbows, knees, and feet.  She also brings a hair cover that I put on and feet protection (so the bottoms of your feet do not get tanning solution on them). 


Sarah brings a portable pop up tent with her that is very small and can fit just about anywhere.  I set up in my office/blogging room.  Another question I get asked about tanning is what do I wear?  What you wear during your tan is completely up to you.  You can wear a swimsuit, panties whatever you are most comfortable in.  These ladies have seen it all so do not worry about what you are or are not wearing. 


The actual spraying portion only takes about 10 minutes.  The solution dries rather quickly.  You will be able to get dressed immediately in loose fitting, dark colored clothes.  Dark colored is best in case there is some tan transfer.  The tanning solutions will wash out of most clothes very easily.  I have not had any issues with staining on any fabrics.    You will then be instructed on how long you should leave the tanning solution on before your first rinse.  With the Bohemian Goddess color, I usually leave it on for approximately 5 hours. 


Your first rinse will be a quick 2-minute shower with warm water (no soap).  This is just to rinse off the bronzers that have settled on top of the skin.  When the water runs clear and the bronzes have rinsed off you are finished.  Pat dry and get dressed. I still do not put on any lotion or moisturizers at this point.  You will feel like you rinsed your tan all off.  Trust me it continues to develop through out the night. You will wake up bronzed and fabulous.  This is when you can shower normally.  I try and wait as long as I can before showering, just to let the solution set as long as I can.   When you do shower be sure you use a SLS free body wash, or anything with an exfoliate.  I use Aveeno Body Wash.  Our tan will last 5-10 days depending on your skin and how you maintain it at home-proper body wash, making sure to moisturize, avoiding chlorinated water, and long hot baths.  They also recommend their tan extending lotion; this can help to extend your tan up to 14 days.  You will receive information after getting sprayed about your tan and how to care for it. 


Another question I get a lot is about how the tan wears and does it fade evenly.  All of the tans I have received have always faded evenly.  I have never had an area that looked splotchy or uneven!  


For anyone who may have allergies, I have celiac disease.  I have been getting sprayed weekly for several months and have had no irritation or issues with my skin.  That is a huge plus.  I am always so conscious about what I put in and on my body.  The solutions that Quicktan sprays with have been fantastic!

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