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Dior Liquid Lipstick

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I love lipstick, especially one that I don’t have to reapply all day.  There is nothing worse than smearing lipstick, or lipstick that is gone after you take your first drink.  I am always looking for formulas that don’t feel drying and last.  I do not discriminate with my color choices.  I wear them all from nudes to bright reds.  


My latest love is Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain.  I learned quickly to apply very little.  The first time I applied it like I would lip gloss.  It ended up feeling thick, clumpy, and dry.  I soon figured out a little goes a long way.  It felt smooth and lasted.  I had lunch, drank water and it was still there.  I was hooked.  I now have several colors.  I even branched out and bought the color poisoned metal.  It is so fun and very different for me.  It wouldn’t be something I would wear daily but definitely a fun option.  


I have worn the red color so much.  I want a red that stays in place!  The bright pink color is also fabulous!  So far I haven’t found a color in this formula I don’t love.  With all the options, I even mix the metallics to give other colors a hint of shimmer.