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Family Traditions

Savannah WelchComment

The past week at our house has been a rough one.  We have some sort of cold/virus that we just can’t get rid of.  We are finally starting to recover, but it is coming slow.  I am so tired and it has been tough to get be on track.  This past weekend we took the girls to Lane’s parents’ to start a new Christmas tradition.  Lane wanted to bake cookies with the girls like he did with his grandma growing up. 


They literally baked, rolled dough, and ate cookies all day long.  You can only imagine the sugar high we had to come down from on the way home.  It was so much fun though.  Watching Lane show the girls some of his favorite childhood memories made this such a good day.  The girls packed their aprons to cook with.  It was the cutest thing!  


I was still on my deathbed, so I was no allowed in the kitchen or around the food.  I spent most of my day in the sunroom cozied up.  It was quite wonderful.  I love when I can just relax in a comfy sweater and my Uggs.  I have a love hate relationship with Uggs.  They are not the most attractive show option, but when it comes to comfort and warmth they are at the top of my list.  I love my Ugg minis. They are my go to if I am going to wear skinny jeans and I want to wear Uggs. 


A cozy sweater is my next favorite thing.  A cardigan is tough to beat, but an oversized off the shoulder sweater gets me every time.  This one is so comfy and warm.  It is definitely on my top favorites list.  I found this tank at Target to add some color.  I have an obsession with this burgundy color.  It is so pretty.  Of course, I had to put on fun lipstick to match.    


For jewelry I love my new Gorjana necklace it can be worn long or doubled.  Gold is always my go to for jewelry.  


Starting and continuing holiday traditions is such a wonderful part of this time of year.  Our daughters are 5 this year and they are really getting into what family traditions We decorate sugar cookies for Santa every Christmas Eve. They are already talking about it and so excited.