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With spring finally here, I am gearing up for summer.  I am ready for all things warm-summer clothes, shoes, and the works.  The first thing I start to realize when trying on all these much more skin-bearing clothes is how pale I am.  Winter does harsh things to our skin. 


When I started blogging I began using Loving Tan self tanner.  I liked this as an easy at home option to give my skin color.  Then I discovered QuickTan423 on Instagram.  They come to you to tan or you can go to their salon.  Total game changer!  I had so many questions before my first tan.  What do I need to do to prep?  How do they set up?  Which tan do I choose?  Am I going to be orange? (Friends Episode of Ross running through my head).  


I am here to tell you this is the way to tan! It is so easy and the colors are beautiful for all skin tones.  


First question, how do I make an appointment?  I booked my appointment through their Instagram page.  You can choose to tan at your home or at the salon.  I always choose at my home.  It is amazing to have someone travel to you, and tan in the comfort of my home.  That is completely up to you.  You will also select your tan color.  My favorite is Bohemian Goddess.  You can choose any shade and put in the notes your first time that you are not sure on your color.  I also always like to select the master contour option.  Because I do photos weekly I like to have that extra contour.  You will also select who you would like to tan you.  I have always used Sarah Irvin, but any of the ladies are fabulous!  Whom ever you choose will do a fabulous job.  On the calendar you will select a date and then a time for your tan appointment.    You also receive text confirmations, which are nice reminders.


Now you have your appointment; how do you prepare?  I usually have my tan scheduled in the mornings.  I shower, shave, and exfoliate the night before.  Shaving the morning of your tan can affect how your tan applies.  So be sure to do it the night before.  After my shower I do not put on any lotion or deodorant.  Sarah brings a barrier cream with her that I put on my hands, elbows, knees, and feet.  She also brings a hair cover that I put on and feet protection (so the bottoms of your feet do not get tanning solution on them). 


Sarah brings a portable pop up tent with her that is very small and can fit just about anywhere.  I set up in my office/blogging room.  Another question I get asked about tanning is what do I wear?  What you wear during your tan is completely up to you.  You can wear a swimsuit, panties whatever you are most comfortable in.  These ladies have seen it all so do not worry about what you are or are not wearing. 


The actual spraying portion only takes about 10 minutes.  The solution dries rather quickly.  You will be able to get dressed immediately in loose fitting, dark colored clothes.  Dark colored is best in case there is some tan transfer.  The tanning solutions will wash out of most clothes very easily.  I have not had any issues with staining on any fabrics.    You will then be instructed on how long you should leave the tanning solution on before your first rinse.  With the Bohemian Goddess color, I usually leave it on for approximately 5 hours. 


Your first rinse will be a quick 2-minute shower with warm water (no soap).  This is just to rinse off the bronzers that have settled on top of the skin.  When the water runs clear and the bronzes have rinsed off you are finished.  Pat dry and get dressed. I still do not put on any lotion or moisturizers at this point.  You will feel like you rinsed your tan all off.  Trust me it continues to develop through out the night. You will wake up bronzed and fabulous.  This is when you can shower normally.  I try and wait as long as I can before showering, just to let the solution set as long as I can.   When you do shower be sure you use a SLS free body wash, or anything with an exfoliate.  I use Aveeno Body Wash.  Our tan will last 5-10 days depending on your skin and how you maintain it at home-proper body wash, making sure to moisturize, avoiding chlorinated water, and long hot baths.  They also recommend their tan extending lotion; this can help to extend your tan up to 14 days.  You will receive information after getting sprayed about your tan and how to care for it. 


Another question I get a lot is about how the tan wears and does it fade evenly.  All of the tans I have received have always faded evenly.  I have never had an area that looked splotchy or uneven!  


For anyone who may have allergies, I have celiac disease.  I have been getting sprayed weekly for several months and have had no irritation or issues with my skin.  That is a huge plus.  I am always so conscious about what I put in and on my body.  The solutions that Quicktan sprays with have been fantastic!

*Use Code Lovelyandsouthern in the Comments section when booking and receive $5.00 off any service !!*

Ta'Vie Boutique

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If you follow my social media accounts, then I am sure you have noticed that I have been wearing and raving about Ta’Vie Boutique

I found Ta’Vie on Instagram, and loved the items they were posting.  Well if you are like me, I am always hesitant at first with online boutiques.  I want to check things out in person and see what they carry.  Luckily Ta’Vie is a local Knoxville boutique (as of April 7th, 2018 Johnson City as well!)


My first visit into the store I was very impressed.  It is set up so nice, and they carry clothes, bags, accessories, and gifts.  As I looked through the racks, I noticed they carry brands I am familiar with from shopping at Nordstrom.  There are also new brands that are now some of my favorites.  Mac London is absolutely amazing.  I want every item in their line. 


 The next thing I look at is price points.  Clothing items range usually from $46 and up.  The jewelry items start around $28 and up.  These are price points I am very happy with.  I know that the pieces I am getting are going to last and not fall apart after the first wash.  If I have to dry clean every item that is usually a deal breaker for me. I have washed all of my purchases as I normally do, and it has been great.  


 I took maybe 10 items into the dressing room that first visit and I ended up buying 9 out 10!  Honestly that never happens for me.  I usually end up with maybe 1 or 2 items.  Everything I put on fit and looked fantastic.  This was not first time luck either.  This has happened to me every visit since.  I am completely hooked.  I know that I have definitely found my favorite store!


 Now lets talk staff.  I have met Elissa, as well as the Owner Trisha and they are absolutely fantastic.  Elissa is so sweet, kind, and so helpful when I am looking for something I need for an event or just clothes in general.  Trisha knows her stuff!  Before opening Ta’Vie she worked in retail/product development for companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue and others.  To say that she knows fashion is an understatement. 


I have recently started modeling their clothing and new arrivals weekly.  Be sure to check out their Instagram page and website for all the new items.  I am beyond excited and thankful to have found this wonderful boutique.  I leave with every purchase knowing that each item makes me feel beautiful!


4483 Kingston Pike , Knoxville, Tn 37920

Starting 2018

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I always have great intentions of starting a new year off with gusto.  Well we will just say at least my intentions were great.  I don’t know about you all but I just couldn’t fully get into the holiday spirit this year.  With all the sickness, we were out of commission for most of December; I just couldn’t pull it together.  It was wonderful still, but just didn’t seem like the holidays.  I was ready to get my tree down right after the New Year and start to clean up the never-ending glitter!


I took a few weeks off from blogging to enjoy Christmas.  Now I am back at it and ready to start off 2018!  I did find a few things that are must haves.  With the cold weather, I want to be cozy and comfy.  There is a tee shirt company called Oil Digger Tees.  They make the softest graphic tees.  I love to put one on under a cardigan for a cool casual look, or with leggings and sneakers.  They are slightly oversized but still give you that feminine shape.  


I am completely in love with my new blue bag.  I always look at colored handbags and love them, but haven’t really ventured out of the neutral zone.  This year at Christmas Lane surprised me with a blue bag!  It is perfect.  The blue is not too bright and the size is amazing.  It can be carried as a shoulder or cross body.  The best part is it is ON SALE!!  It comes in black and beige also, but blue is my favorite.  


I haven’t made any resolutions this year or the past several years.  I tend to just set goals for myself through out the year and try and meet those.  I do better that way!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  New post up on Tuesday!

Family Traditions

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The past week at our house has been a rough one.  We have some sort of cold/virus that we just can’t get rid of.  We are finally starting to recover, but it is coming slow.  I am so tired and it has been tough to get be on track.  This past weekend we took the girls to Lane’s parents’ to start a new Christmas tradition.  Lane wanted to bake cookies with the girls like he did with his grandma growing up. 


They literally baked, rolled dough, and ate cookies all day long.  You can only imagine the sugar high we had to come down from on the way home.  It was so much fun though.  Watching Lane show the girls some of his favorite childhood memories made this such a good day.  The girls packed their aprons to cook with.  It was the cutest thing!  


I was still on my deathbed, so I was no allowed in the kitchen or around the food.  I spent most of my day in the sunroom cozied up.  It was quite wonderful.  I love when I can just relax in a comfy sweater and my Uggs.  I have a love hate relationship with Uggs.  They are not the most attractive show option, but when it comes to comfort and warmth they are at the top of my list.  I love my Ugg minis. They are my go to if I am going to wear skinny jeans and I want to wear Uggs. 


A cozy sweater is my next favorite thing.  A cardigan is tough to beat, but an oversized off the shoulder sweater gets me every time.  This one is so comfy and warm.  It is definitely on my top favorites list.  I found this tank at Target to add some color.  I have an obsession with this burgundy color.  It is so pretty.  Of course, I had to put on fun lipstick to match.    


For jewelry I love my new Gorjana necklace it can be worn long or doubled.  Gold is always my go to for jewelry.  


Starting and continuing holiday traditions is such a wonderful part of this time of year.  Our daughters are 5 this year and they are really getting into what family traditions We decorate sugar cookies for Santa every Christmas Eve. They are already talking about it and so excited.

Saranghae SkinCare

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Skincare is a huge part of my daily routine, whether I am putting on make up on not for the day.  I religiously stick to my routine.  There where times in my early 20’s, we have all been there, when I would just sleep in my make up.  Looking back now, I have no idea how I was able to do that.  If I really thought about the damage it was doing to my skin at the time I probably wouldn’t have.  


Luckily I have been blessed with good skin genes.  But I still have to do my part keeping it up.  When I got into my 30’s I really started noticing changes.  The fine lines start to make an appearance.  I also have severe allergies so under my eyes always have this dark circle appearance.  It has a medical term but it is just easier to say dark circles.  I also have celiac disease, so I try to be careful with what products I am using on my face.  I try to stay gluten free if I can.  One of my symptoms with celiac is skin irritation.  


I have been struggling lately with finding a skincare system that was anti aging and didn’t cause any irritation with my allergies.  I thought this would be easy, but it turned out to be quite the task.  Products I had used for years started irritating my skin, especially around my eye area.  I was at a loss.  When Saranghae contacted me about trying their skincare product I was beyond thrilled.  They are a Korean Skincare company that use natural botanicals.   Their unique ingredients list include Phellinus Linteus Mushroom, Ginseng, CoQ10, and Hyaluronic Acid, these are just four of the over 15 essential botanicals.  Saranghae’s active ingredients are derived from rare and powerful Asian Botanicals that grow in nutrient rich volcanic soil on the island of Jeju, South Korea.   


I use the 5 Step Anti-Aging System:


Step 1: Saragnghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser


This cleanser to start smells amazing.  Not only that but it has gold in the cleanser.  Yes real gold!  I was used to always removing my make up prior to washing my face.  With this cleanser you do not have to do that.  It removes your make up and cleanses the skin, a two in one.  I am all about removing steps.  The product recommends 3 to 4 pumps of the cleanser.  I used 2 pumps and it was plenty.  You apply to a dry face.  This is what starts breaking down the make up and products on your skin.  I massaged around and made sure to cover face and neck.  Once you have everything covered and lathered well, I wet my hands with warm water.  I then massaged my face to continue the cleansing process.  I rinsed my face and dried with a towel.


Step 2: Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum


Once my face was freshly cleansed and patted dry.  I applied 2 pumps of the serum to the back of my hand.  Then dabbed a dot to my forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin.  Then massaged in avoiding eye area.  This step helps to heal and regenerate the skin.  


Step 3: Saranghae Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream


Once the serum is dry it is time to moisturize.  Again I apply the dabbing method.  I place a dab on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin.  Massaging in a downward wiping motion, making sure to include my neck.  I do not apply this cream to my eyes.  


Step 4: Saragnhae Focus Renewal Eye Cream:


This is the final step in my routine.  Renewal eye cream is so important.  Around the eye is where I started noticing the first signs of fine lines. So this step is a must.  I use one pump on the back of my hand and dab under each of my eyes.  The area needs very little product.  I them dab it into the under eye and around to under my brow. 


Step 5: Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask


I use this step one to two times per week.  This mask leaves my skin feeling refreshed and radiant.  First I cleanse my face with Step 1 cleanser then using a towel pat my face dry.  Opening the package carefully, I remove the mask.  It comes folded, gently unfold and place the mask on your face and smooth out.  Leave on 15 to 20 minutes.  Once you remove the mask and dispose, gently massage the excess serum into your skin.  Do not wash face because the serum will soak into your skin and continue to work.  After using this mask the first time my skin felt amazing!  It took me a few minutes to get used to having it on my face.  Lane kept laughing and it made me laugh, so I had to keep smoothing the mask out.  


I have been using Saranghae for about two weeks.  I am so thrilled with these products.  My skin feels so amazing.  The darkening under my eyes has started lightening up and I have no signs of potential celiac irritation.  


I feel like my skin glows!  I cannot wait to see my results as I continue on.   


Saranghae - means I love you

Dior Liquid Lipstick

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Shop Dior Liquid Lipstick Colors:

999 Mate 

Poison Metal

Shock Matte

Jungle Matte

Lively Matte

Miss Satin

I love lipstick, especially one that I don’t have to reapply all day.  There is nothing worse than smearing lipstick, or lipstick that is gone after you take your first drink.  I am always looking for formulas that don’t feel drying and last.  I do not discriminate with my color choices.  I wear them all from nudes to bright reds.  


My latest love is Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain.  I learned quickly to apply very little.  The first time I applied it like I would lip gloss.  It ended up feeling thick, clumpy, and dry.  I soon figured out a little goes a long way.  It felt smooth and lasted.  I had lunch, drank water and it was still there.  I was hooked.  I now have several colors.  I even branched out and bought the color poisoned metal.  It is so fun and very different for me.  It wouldn’t be something I would wear daily but definitely a fun option.  


I have worn the red color so much.  I want a red that stays in place!  The bright pink color is also fabulous!  So far I haven’t found a color in this formula I don’t love.  With all the options, I even mix the metallics to give other colors a hint of shimmer. 

Casual Holiday Look

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Shop Outfit Details Here:

Similar Sweater: Here  Bodysuit: Here  or Similar Less Expensive Here 

Jeans: Here or Similar Less Expensive Here   Over The Knee  Boots: Here or Similar Here

Usually for the holidays I don’t have a chance to get all dressed up.  Most of our gatherings are family and friends; but very casual dress.  Lane and I try to go to The Nutcracker Ballet around Christmas.  This year it did not work out with his work schedule.  So another year of no frills needed.  I may just dress up anyway.  


I did find a fabulous shrug that adds the perfect amount of sparkle.  It can be worn casual or dressed up.  There is a gold metallic thread woven through with fur.  The fur makes it so soft and cozy while still having a glamorous look.  When I started writing this post I checked to make sure the shrug was available.  Unfortunately it completely sold out at Anthropologie.  I was not able to find it anywhere else so I will link some other similar options I love as well.  The brand of my exact one is Sleeping on Snow.   


I wore this to a dinner out with some friends.  I went all black under it.  Black body suit, black skinny jeans, and black over the knee boots.  The gold in the shrug really stood out!  Anytime you go with an all black ensemble it really showcases any pop of color.  I usually go with a red lipstick when I wear black.  Red lips always draw attention to a smile.  


To break up the bodysuit and jeans I added a belt with a gold accent buckle.  Gold is my go to usually for accessories; this was exactly what the all black needed.  


I have been on the fence about the over the knee boot trend.  I wasn’t sure if I would like them.  Will they stay up?  I have to say, I am hooked.   These boots are amazing.  They stay in place, so comfortable, and they have a tassel tie in the back.  All my hope and needs are met!  I couldn’t be more thrilled.  The price was even great.  I definitely want them in a tan!  


As always I will link my actual items if available and other options too!!


Enjoy your week!


XO, Savannah

Jord Watch

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A watch is something I put on daily without thinking.  Whether I am dressing up to go out or just around the house, I have a watch on.  It is one of those things I feel naked without.  I was so excited to partner with Jord Watches.  The craftsmanship and quality of their wooden watches are beyond compare.  


Jord is a unique company that is focused on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle.  They value sustainability, efficient and experiential living.  They make watches for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.


For me a watch is, a lot of times, a jewelry piece on display.  When shopping on Jord’s site for women’s watches there were so many beautiful options.  I chose the Frankie Series in Zebrawood and Champagne.  The elegance of this watch grabbed my attention.  When my package arrived, it was beautifully boxed.  My husband being a watch guy was instantly jealous and started looking at the men’s section on the site.  


The detail of the watch, with the clean simplicity of the watch face, is stunning. I know my next Jord purchase will be personalized.  Being a southern girl that is a must!  


With holiday shopping time upon us Jord has given a 25% OFF code to all my followers! Redeem Code Here!  This discount code will end on December 15th, 2017.

4 Different Curling Wand Review

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I have always used a traditional clip barrel curling iron or straightener on my hair.  I started seeing curling wands all over social media.  I decided to see what it was all about and jump on board.  Once I got used to how it worked, I fell in love.  The hardest thing for me was to get used to holding the wand upside down and wrapping the hair.  Let me tell you in the beginning a glove is a must!  I have had many burns thinking I didn’t need the glove.  Once I finally got the hang of the wand, I no longer use the glove.  (It is recommended with all wands to use a glove for safety.) 

 I will link a glove that can be bought that will actually protect your fingers.   Some of the wands come with gloves that are not so great. 

Why a wand instead of a regular curling iron?  In my opinion, once you get the hang of a wand, it goes much faster.  Also, you can change the curls up to make them have a loose wave look.  I was not able to get the same look with a curling iron.  If you struggle with a crease from the clip, a wand solves that problem.  My curls seem to hold longer with a wand.  I have them for a good 2 days without having to touch them up.



Remington Pro 1/2 to 1 inch Curling wand $22

(I linked the larger size, I like it better It is also only $14)

Description :

This wand has Pearl Ceramic Technology 

Adjustable heat settings up to 410 degrees

1/2 to 1 inch taper

30 seconds to heat up

60 minute Auto shut off

2 year warranty


To start this wand was way too skinny.  I was not sure what size to get, so I started with this one.  My hair is right at shoulder length, and even with curling larger pieces the curls were way too tight.  It is perfect for my girls.  They have naturally curly hair, so it works great to curl strand that are straight.  This was a good wand for the price, and a larger size would have worked much better.  I am not a huge fan of a tapered wand.  I feel like the hair slides down toward the small end.   Maybe with practice this would get easier.  I prefer the barrel to be the same size.  The quality felt a little cheap, but got the job done.  The glove that came with the wand was useless.  It was the material of a regular knit glove.  The heat came right through.  I did like the pink color of this wand.  Overall I would recommend this in a larger size.  This price point is great. 



Ohuhu 5 in 1 Curling Iron Wand Set with Interchange Barrels $31


Interchangable Curling Wand with 5 Barrels

Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Adjustable Temperature from 150 to 410 Degrees (this is not digital so there are really only 2 settings low and high)

1 year warranty


I purchased this wand to compare it to the T3 Whirl Trio.  I was very pleased with the quality of this wand.  It was very nice.  The barrel variety is great.  They are very easy to change out, with just the click of a button on the side of the base.  (Only do this when the wand barrel is cool).  I liked the 25-32 mm barrel to give a loose messy wave.  The price of this wand is amazing and the options you get with it are fantastic.    I also tried the 25 mm bead barrel.  I did not see much of a difference with this expect the curls were tighter.  The hair slipped between the beads and settled when curling so the curls were pretty tight.  The protective glove that came with this one was again just basic knit and useless.  You feel the heat immediately touching the wand.  I would recommend using a different glove.



L’ Ange Blush 1 inch Curling Wand  $129  Lots of 50% off Codes Available ( MSM50 is one I found and it worked)


Titanium Curling Wand

Advanced Heating Mechanism auto set at 410 Degrees 

Negative Ion and Far Infrared Technology to seal the hair cuticle for smooth frizz free hair

Soft Touch Handle with rubber finish

Heat Protectant Glove (this one is awesome)


This wand was the first one I purchased.  The titanium version is intended for medium to coarse hair.  There is another option for other hair types.  I truly loved this wand.  Thank goodness the glove was great, because it gets so hot.  Being my first wand, I learned with this one.  My fingers and right ear suffered the learning curve.  I highly recommend this wand.  The quality is fantastic.  The only thing I wish that could be adjusted is the temperature level.  When using this wand or any wand make sure you are using a good heat protectant on your hair.  Applying such high temperatures without a protectant can be very damaging.   





Five Heat Settings up to 410 Degrees (not digital)

Tourmaline and ceramic- ionic and far infrared technology

Cool tip for easy styling use

Heat resistant mat

Travel tote

1 hour auto shut off

2 year warranty



This is my absolute favorite and the wand I use.  This one is definitely a splurge.  With the holidays coming up it would be a great one to add to your Christmas List.  I have tried all three attachment barrels with the wand and love them all.  I have also ordered the 1 inch clip barrel to try out.  My favorite barrel is the 1inch straight barrel.  I use it and get wavy curls.  The glove that comes with this one is ok, so use the glove from the L’ange.  It also comes with a resting pad for the wand.  This is nice because it gets so hot it will protect your counter.   The large barrel is nice as well it is 1 1/2 inch, but it is a little large for my hair being shoulder length.   The tapered barrel 1 1/4 - 3/4 is great for a messier look.  The locking system is a precision turn lock on the wand base and very easy to use.  The quality of this wand is above and beyond.  I love that you can buy different attachments to go with it.  This is truly a wand that will last a long time.  I highly recommend this one!

Danny England Motors

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Nothing warms you up on a crisp Fall day like 460 horsepower.  Thanks to Danny England Motors for this amazing opportunity to partner in this photo shoot.  Top up or top down, either way this car would look perfect in your driveway.  It is still available in their inventory; Lane said I couldn’t keep it.  We have been customers for over a decade.  Danny, Barbara, and Daniel treat you like family.  The customer service both during and after the sale is top notch.  It is an experience you will not find at any of the big city dealerships.  Whether you are looking for a daily driver or a limited edition performance machine, they have you covered.   Contact Daniel at 423-626-9500 for more details about this car or any of the cars in their extensive inventory. 


The car provided the perfect backdrop to showcase my look for the holidays.  This outfit has a lot of firsts for me, velvet, bodysuits, and “leather” pants.  I have to say I was skeptical and a bodysuit.  Will it be comfortable?  It is amazing.  I am bodysuit addicted!  I have ordered several now and loving them.  This sapphire color blue is gorgeous for the holiday season.  The sapphire white red lips and a corvette, I felt like a movie star!  


Looking for a leather (faux leather) pant is a tough task.  I didn’t want them to look like they were faux leather; but at the same time I didn’t want to pay the price of real leather pants.  I ended up finding two brands that I loved.  The style and brand I am wearing in the photo have a control panel that smoothes your tummy.  This was a big seller for me.  My twin mom tummy is not exactly where I would like it to be.  This brand is one of my favorites for leggings as well.   The other pair I found is fabulous as well, and on sale for $19!    


Cardigans are my go to.  I love that cozy feeling of wrapping up in a cardigan.  Right now Target has fantastic cardigans.  Their entire A New Day line is great.  I am a big fan.  I have purchased several pieces.  The quality is great.  The details in this line are what stand out.  When I saw the bell sleeves on this cardigan I knew I had to bring it home with me. 


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  XO! Savannah

Staple items in my closet

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I love bringing my fall and winter clothes down from the storage room.  It is so exciting to look through and see what I may have forgotten.  I sometimes find pieces I didn’t wear the year before, but love this year.  I also find things and think, what in that world was I thinking when I bought this?  I usually try and do a clean out of each season’s wardrobe when I am switching them in my closet.  It helps with the feeling of clutter.  Also, I feel like if I purge there is room for some new.  


Trends change every year.  There is always a new type of jean, or style of sweater that are on pointe.  But you can always count on a few things that will stay in your wardrobe year after year.  I have my “staple” items that I know are going to be fashionable.  Dark denim and black skinny jeans are a must in my closet.  I have a denim obsession.  Skinny jeans are my favorite, but having at least one pair of boot cut is a must.  I like a good pair of leggings, a pair you can dress up or wear casually.  I usually go for a ponte knit because they look nicer and in my case, I like to be warmer in winter.  Investing in pants has been where I usually put most of my money, for “staple” bottoms that I know I will continue to wear throughout the year and into the next winter.  Tops and Sweaters are usually where fashion trends change so much.  I always have a few good basic sweaters, cardigans, button up dress shirts, and a blazer.  I also love a good cute tee shirt.  Those are the basic items I have had in my wardrobe for several seasons.  These basic items can be accessorized or mixed with the current trends with out having to completely revamp your wardrobe every season.  Wouldn’t we all love to be able to purchase a new wardrobe every season?  


Get your “staple” items and then add your few trend pieces throughout the season!  Shopping in your own closet can be fun, just look for new ways to style it.  


Enjoy your weekend! 

November Red Cardi

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Today started off as a somber day, but ended with a fantastic suprise.  We took our English Mastiff Tilley to the orthopedic doctor.  She started limping and non-weight bearing on her back right leg.  Anyway, poor baby has torn her ACL and meniscus on the right side and possibly the left as well.   Tilley has surgery scheduled on Thursday.  She is very sore.  Of course being her momma I am worried to death.  There will be more on Tilley’s surgery after Thursday.


After coming home and getting Tilley settled, I was off to Kroger.  I usually do the grocery Click List pick up.  If you have not tried it, it is incredible.  You order it all online and pull up they load your car.  You literally have to do nothing!  It is amazing especially for busy moms who don’t want to take two 5 year olds to the grocery store.  I was not prepared, so I didn’t have an order placed in advance.  I had to do the dreaded, my own grocery shopping.   As I am strolling through the bacon and on the phone with my blogging bestie, I look up and see Peyton Baxter.  She writes the blog “Love n Labels” it is one of my favorites.  Being a new blogger, she is one of the people who inspire me!  Here she was in Kroger.  I was beyond excited.  I was trying to play it cool and not be a complete weirdo, but still try and get a chance to say hi. I caught up with her and told her I loved her blog.  She is so sweet!  We ended up chatting for a minute.  I told her about getting started as a blogger and of course my twins.  She is absolutely gorgeous and was so nice.  It completely made my rough day amazing. 


Sometimes it is the little things that can brighten up someone’s day.


New post on Friday!  Have a wonderful week!

Hudson and Harper Designs

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I love to find great jewelry.  I was so excited when Brittany, from Hudson and Harper Designs, contacted me about these earrings!  


A statement earring is such an eye-catching piece.  I usually choose a bold earring over other accessories.  I feel like an earring gets the most attention.  Aside from being absolutely fabulous, they are so lightweight.  Bold earrings, more often than not, are so heavy.  I usually end up not wearing them.  I could barely tell that these were on.  They were literally light as feathers.


The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each handcrafted piece is beautiful.  Each detail and line is designed individually.   To me this is what makes each piece so unique and perfect.  Individually designed jewelry makes you feel special.  Almost like the designer created that piece specifically for you.  That is something you cannot get everywhere.  Hudson and Harper Designs creates earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  They are made with real leather at an unbelievable price point! Ranging from $15-24.  I was in love with her items already, but the price is amazing!  Her goal with her in building her company is to “create unique jewelry that is beautifully handcrafted and affordable for everyone.”  I truly believe she is on point with this mission.  


Hudson and Harper Designs can be purchased through several local boutiques in the Knoxville area. (Josies Boutique, Southern Grace Mercantile, Euphoria Boutique, and Southern Daughter)  You can also shop her Instagram or Facebook pages, and she will ship items.  


Thank you Brittany with Hudson and Harper Designs for sponsoring this post today!  Your Jewelry is beautiful!

Trunk Club

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I use Trunk Club Women, which I love.  Trunk Club is a company that gives you your own personal contact/stylist.  The stylist will either completely style you or look for ideas that you request.  All the items come from Nordstrom.  You can give price points that you would prefer to stay within.  You receive a “trunk” in the mail for a $25.00 try on fee no purchase necessary or monthly membership fees.  You try on keep what you like, send back the rest.  You are charged when Trunk Club receives the trunk back.  You have 5 days to keep the trunk. 


I started Trunk Club about 2 years ago for a couple of reasons.  One, it is very nice since we do not have a Nordstrom in Knoxville.  It is nice to shop without having to pay for everything until I know if I am going to like it.  Second, I get to try everything on at home, instead of taking my girls to a long drawn out shopping spree.  


My stylist Julie sends me a trunk about every other month.  I email her and tell her what I want or am looking for.  She then emails me a preview.  I look through picture previews of what she has selected and either accept or decline the trunk!


It is great!!

Tortured Soles

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Weather is cooling down, so it is finally time to bring out the fun fall shoes.  I always worry about comfort when shopping for shoes.  My life is busy with two five year olds.  I sometimes have to pass over what I think is the perfect shoe because it rubs my heel.  After a few steps you know that is not going to be comfortable.  The worst is after you have the shoes home, and have already worn them, only to find out that they give you horrible blisters.  They fit great in the store, but have just the right amount of friction that you’re now wearing a princess band aid for days.  I have tried buying heel pads from shoe stores or online.  They never stay in place.  They are usually rolled up in the bottom of my  shoe and useless.  


I now know the answer to my shoe problems have been solved!  I no longer have to pass over “the perfect pair” in fear of discomfort.  Tortured Soles Polka Dot Anti Slip Pads are the answer.   The Polka Dot Pad adheres to the back of your heel and stays in place!   I am beyond excited about this product.  My shoes did not slip at all.  It is slim and cushioned, so it aided in comfort and did not feel like it took up any room in the shoe.  I tried the pads in flats, ankle boots, and heels.  The ankle boots put the pads adhesive properties to the test.  They held strong and did and amazing job keeping my foot in place.  Ankle boots can be tough to slide into if they don’t have a zipper.  Then once I get them on I always feel like I have movement in the heel portion.  The Polka Dot Anti Slip Pads kept my foot from lifting with each step.  If my foot did have any movement, I have the protection of the pad on my heel. 


Tortured Sole has an amazing product.  I absolutely love the choice of their company name!  They offer the Anti Slip Polka Dot Pad that I have tried and love They also have two additional heel pads that are nude in color, the Oval Extra Anti Slip Pad and the Hourglass Extra Anti Slip Pad.    I am ready to add to my shoe collection with confidence now that I know I can walk around in comfort!    Thank you Tortured Soles!

Walt Disney World How We Did It

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We love Disney World so much.  Lane and I loved it even before the girls.  We have gone many times before without children.  Taking kids to Disney is a whole new ballgame.  The girls’ first trip was two years ago, at age 3.  They were, looking back, a little young.  It was a rough trip.  They had fun, but it was exhausting.  That trip definitely served as a learning curve to make this trip fantastic.


Trip planning is huge for Disney.  If you don’t plan ahead, you will have no dining options and you will wait in line forever for rides.  Dining has become a huge part of planning a vacation with Disney because of the dining plan options.  People are booking reservations now 180 days in advance!  This blew my mind.  That being said, pick where you want to eat and reserve it!  Next thing to think about is a fast pass.  This feature is wonderful.  Instead of huge lines you have minimal waiting on the rides you want.  With kids this is a no brainer.  I do not want to wait in line for an hour with two five year olds to ride one ride, no thank you.  


Technology is amazing so of course apple has a My Disney Experience App.  That is where everything can be viewed.  Adjust your fast passes, or look at your trip plans.  It is all there.  One of my favorite features is called The Memory Maker.  It is a photo pass you can purchase.   So when you are walking around the park and see a photographer you have your picture taken it is upload to your app.   This way you have all your photos and you do not have to purchase any individually.  You can have as many as you want taken.  If you purchase prior to your trip it is discounted. 


Next was a very important item for us even though our girls are five-strollers!  Last trip we rented strollers at the park thinking it would be easier than taking our own.  This was a major mistake.  At the end of the day you have two very tired girls and you drop your strollers at the park, but you still have to carry girls and what ever else you have to transportation and to hotel.  That was a load.  We thought about renting strollers from a company that delivers to your hotel, so you have them the entire time.  We settled on taking our own because we were driving so it wasn’t an issue and it saved quite a bit of money.  I know our girls are older, but the park is big and they get tired.  So a stroller helps extend your park time and holds all your stuff.   There were times if I could have gotten in the stroller I would have!  Also think about taking a rain cover for your stroller.  We had some rain and I packed some but they leaked.  I skimped and bought the cheap ones.  Don’t skimp.  If it looks like rain for your trip, get the good ones.  A dry child is a happy child.


A bag was another issue I pondered on for this trip.  What to carry that was cute, comfortable, and not too big.  I didn’t want a cross body bag because I had cute shirts that I didn’t want to cover with a purse strap right through that middle.  That option was out.  My main thought was a backpack.  I wanted dainty and fashionable.  I ended up finding the perfect bag!  It is black leather with a gold zipper.  I am in love.  It is lightweight and has pockets inside for my things.  Problem solved.  I failed to think of taking another backpack for Lane.  We ended up buying a bag at one of the shops that the girls love.  So we used it to hold extra clothes, snacks, sunglasses, etc. 


You walk miles upon miles at Disney so the whole family got new sneakers for the trip.  I let the girls pick out their own.  They picked memory foam sketchers.  They said they were very comfortable, and never complained about them as much as we walked.  They felt very soft.  I bought Adidas Ultra Boost.  Oh my goodness!  I am in shoe heaven.  They are amazing.  Lane got Adidas Ultra Boost Trail and he loves them as well.  We had very comfy feet on this trip.  


It is always in planning for these trips.  What shirts are we going to wear?  Now that Hollywood Studios has the Star Wars shows and park in the works, there was no question what Lane was wearing.   He was going to wear a Star Wars shirt everyday.  So he was covered.  The girls have so many shirts from the park I hated not to get more use out of them so they were covered.  I picked up a few more Star Wars shirts for them at Target.  I knew we would all wear them the night we went to see the Star Wars fireworks.  I found my shirts at the Disney Store and at Target.  Target has great Disney and Star Wars shirts.  Their online selection is fantastic.  Florida weather in October is crazy.  We wore everything from shorts and tank tops, to pants and jackets.  Definitely pack an array of items.  Swimsuits are a must.  The resort pools are great.  We always take a break in the middle of the trip.  The girls and adults need a day of rest.


I always take costumes and princess dresses for the girls.  We go in October so they dress up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  They also like to wear princess gowns some too.  When you are in the most magical place on earth why not walk around dressed up as a princess.   If you go into Castle Couture and asked to be sprinkled with pixie dust, they will.  It is fabulous!  My girls loved it! (All the girls costumes came from the Disney Store)


Being a mom I am a snack packer.  We drove so I packed snacks for the road.  I also knew that snack options in the park are not always the healthiest.  So I packed a big, organized of course, bag of snack options for all of us to have daily.  We also took two cases of bottled water to keep in our room and put in the refrigerator.  This was the best thing I could have done.  We drank all the water, which we paid $6 for both cases total.  It would have cost $3 per bottle at the park ($144).  We were able to take all of this because we drove.  Our girls were awesome on the road trip.  If we flew this would not have been an option.  


This visit we ate a Chef Mickeys, Cinderella’s Table, Crystal Palace, 50s Prime Diner, and Be Our Guest.  They were all fantastic.  Chef Mickeys was our favorite this trip because it was our first night and seeing our girls’ faces when they met the characters was amazing.  


We love Walt Disney World.  Every trip we find something new we love.  Now that we have children it is so much more magical.  I didn’t think that was possible.  When you are in a Disney park or resort, you feel like you have been transported to an entirely different world.  Everything is so magical.  Seeing the excitement and wonder in our girls eyes made this trip so special.  We can’t wait to go back.  


Have a magical week.  New post on Friday!

For the Love of Pink

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It was family movie day.  We finally made it to see the My Little Pony Movie.  The girls now think seeing a move means also going to the arcade.  Lane is a big kid when it comes to an arcade; I must admit it is fun.  This trip went just like all of our other movie trips: arcade and then movie.  The movie ended up being not good at all.  I looked over five minutes into the movie and Lane is asleep.  The girls and I ended up eating a ton of junk food, and we left before the movie was over.  It was an epic fail.  The ponies are the girls’ favorite, so it was disappointing for the movie to not be good. 


I always freeze in a movie theater.  This time I was a little more prepared.  This sweater is the prettiest shade of fuchsia.   It is a thinner fabric so it is warm but doesn’t make you hot.  I liked to keep the sleeves slightly pushed up.  I tend to do that a lot with my more basic sweaters; I feel like they need a little something and that does it for me.  It also displays any bracelets or accessories that seem to get lost in winter.  I wanted this sweater to be more fitted and have a dressier look, so I bought my normal size which is medium.  


When I wear black jeans that fit just right I feel fantastic.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Lane can always tell when I feel good in an outfit because I ask him 100 times if I look ok.  He knows at that point that I want compliments.  There are a couple of pairs of black jeans that I love in all price ranges.  I will link them.  


Easy slides are so nice.  These were so comfortable!  I found them on sale for $29.  They also come in a maroon.  I may order those also.  It is a very pretty color.  


My latest bag love is this beauty.  It is a cross body or you can carry it by the handles.  The gold zipper accents really make this bag stand out.  The leather is so soft and it is the perfect size.  Vince Camuto makes gorgeous leather products.


Have a wonderful weekend.  We leave tomorrow for Walt Disney World!  Look forward to pictures this upcoming week of our trip.  New post on Monday.

Blazers and Gold Buttons

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I have always thought a blazer looks so classy and sophisticated.  When you add a gold button detail, to me it is a must have.  A good blazer doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to be perfect.  Although, there are some that are drool worthy.  For me, wearing a blazer is strictly for fashion purposes.  I want a nice quality piece at a reasonable price.  I found these at J. Crew Factory after a day at Dollywood.  J. Crew Factory is generally having a sale of some kind going, I got these for 40% off.  


The fit and quality are great.  Like any suit jacket, they are lined so there is no “give” in the shoulders when moving around.  I purchased my usual size in blazers and they fit perfect.  I was so torn between the navy and the pink herringbone; I just bought both.  They are completely different looks, so I thought why not?  


I am wearing a mixed media ivory tank under my blazer.  It has a chiffon layer at the bottom and a keyhole button at the back.  I found this at J. Crew Factory as well.  I loved it because it was pretty and still dressy enough.  But it gave the blazers a casual look.  I will link other tops I love as well with the blazers.


I am stepping outside of my denim box.  I haven’t worn a boot cut jean in forever.  It is all I wore in high school and in my early 20s.  When skinny jeans starting getting big, I was hooked.  Now it is time to mix things up.  These jeans are absolutely fantastic.  I am a curvy girl, but I have no butt!  I have to be careful when I am buying jeans, well pants of any kind.  I don’t want to make things look any flatter back there than they already are.  These jeans actually give me the illusion of a booty.  When I try on jeans and this happens I am sold.  I was hesitant about the length at first because the last time I wore boot cut jeans the style was for them to be touching the floor.  Now slightly off the ground (better to display shoes) is the new look.  I am a fan of this.  I love shoes.  So showing those off is a plus.  I also can’t count the times I have tripped in my heels in the past.  Anyway, these jeans fit true to size.  I purchased my normal size, and they fit great.  They do not stretch out with wear and stay in place.  No tugging or pulling up on them as the day goes on.  


Shoes are love of mine.  I can’t get enough, especially if they are comfortable and pretty.  These heels are the perfect nude for my skin tone.  The heel height is great.  I usually like to stay in the 3 to 3.5 inch heel height.  Anything higher than that for a long period of time kills my feet.  I have worn these shopping and just out and about.  They have been great.  Ann Taylor has beautiful high quality shoes.  Lately they have been 50% off!  Time to stock up.  


My necklace and earrings are also J.Crew Factory finds.  Olivia actually picked out the necklace for her stuffed animal to wear.  I let her get it because it was a pretty necklace that I knew I would be wearing.  Her wolf actually wore the necklace the rest of the day.  It was the fanciest stuffed animal around.  


Enjoy the rest of the week!  New post on Friday!

Slouchy Sweaters in Fun Colors

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I am definitely a person who looks better in color.  I love to wear white tee shirts, but I have to stop myself because I just look blah in neutrals.  A lot of people are afraid to branch out of the neutral zone.  I completely understand.  It is a difficult thing.  You get these opinions of how you think you look when you wear a certain color, so you stay safe.  I general stayed in the safe zone until I started blogging.  I would branch out on occasion If my mother in law would talk me into something with color and then I would end up loving it.  After I started taking pictures and seeing what I looked like in my beloved neutrals, I decided it was time to branch out.  Colors are my friend.  A colorful top or sweaters actually brighten up my day when I wear them. 


I saw this sweater online and was hesitant at first.  Yellow can be a tricky color to wear.  You never know if it will be too mustard or neon.  This came and it had the perfect golden yellow hue to it.  It reminds be of a sunflower.  I also love an oversized sweater.  But, I think if you are going to wear oversized there is a point where things can be too oversized.  I like my “oversized” pieces to be just slightly large.  I am not a petite person and have a large bust so if I go too oversized, it just looks frumpy.  This sweater for reference is a size medium.  I have really struggled with sizing this year on “oversized” items not really know what size would work best.  I have been safe with mediums.  I rolled the sleeves on this sweater because it was super hot outside and I liked how it looked better than the sleeves being down and kind of fuller.  I think this gave it a preppier look. 


I went with dark skinny jeans to continue on with my preppy look.  These jeans are great.  I love this brand.  They wear so well and hold their shape.  I definitely recommend sizing down 1 size.  That is what I always do with this brand, and they always fit great. 


My leopard print mules are back again.  I am in love with the pretty bow on these and the print!  They are so comfortable and have been on sale for 50% off.  That is a steal on these.  I have worn them so much already because they go with so many outfits. 


I am changing it up with bags today.  I thought I would pull out a pale blush tan color with this.  I love the chain detail on the strap.  This bag is the perfect size.  Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers.  This bag style is no longer available, but I will link similar looks in Tory and other brands.  


My circle hair barrette is Chloe and Isobelle.  I will link my fabulous friend Erin so you can purchase it through her!


Happy Friday!  Enjoy the Weekend!  New Post on Tuesday!

Plaids and Jewels

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We are well into October, and it is still too hot to think about wearing sweaters.  I don’t remember last year being this warm.  I am anxious to start actually wearing my sweaters and long sleeves, and not immediately taking them off after pictures.  


Since it is October, it is time to start thinking about what to wear to fall functions.  I always start thinking about what I will wear for Thanksgiving or for the girls fall festival.  Lane says these are just excuses to buy more clothes.  He is right; I can’t help myself.


I actually wore this plaid flannel top last year on Thanksgiving.  It is a light weight flannel and can be dressed up or down.  Thanksgiving for us is usually a casual meal with family.  This top was perfect.  I will be wearing it a lot this season.  I love the bold red color.  I found the necklace and earrings at J. Crew Factory.  They were on sale, always a bonus.  I thought adding the jewels dressed it up and gave it a very classy look.  


My jeans are again my Nordstrom fave.  I love the raw step hem and the destroyed look.  Adding a belt breaks the outfit up and makes it a little more “dressy”.   


So many shoe choices would be great with this top-boots, flats, or booties.  I went with the olive green ankle bootie to make the olive green stripe in the top really pop!  These booties are fabulous.  They are so comfortable and come in several colors.  


I had to put a fun red lip with this.  I am addicted to Dior Rouge Liquid Lip Stain.  This color is 999.  It is a long wear matte color.  Amazing!!  Tip: apply very little.  A little goes a long way.  If you put on too much it will feel kind of rough and clumpy.  I found this out after my first couple of wears and remedied the problem.  I have two fabulous make up people, at the Dior counter in Dillards at West Towne Mall in Knoxville, Julia and Jeremy.  They are my go to for Dior products.  I have this lip stain in several colors and love it.  It is truly long wear and the colors are matte and so vibrant.  


As for my hair, I have recently shared the products I love to use.  I just bought the T3 Whirl Trio styling wand.  I am blown away.  It was so easy to use.  I didn’t even burn myself, which is huge when using a wand.  I am going to be doing a post soon talking about the different styling wands I like!


Have a wonderful week.  New post on Friday!